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6 Gifts for His First Father's Day

Looking for the best first Father's Day gifts? We've got you covered. Here are six top gifts we'd give any new dad. They're part  practical, part fun, and all Grommets we think any dad would love to receive on his special day. first fathers day gifts


New dads have their hands full and will appreciate this tech organizer that will help him keep his things together. This lightweight, portable carrier for small electronics (and other small items) can easily be tossed into the diaper bag or stroller.  Shop Now

Unique first fathers day gifts

Hammock Bliss 

Dad can relax in the backyard or on a camping trip, with this new  innovative hammock. Its asymmetric design makes it the world’s first truly flat two-point hammock (which means there is plenty of room for dad to snuggle up with the little ones).  Shop Now

 Gifts for a New Dad

Picture Keeper 

New parents take a TON of photos. Digital pictures are easy to take, easy to share, easy to accumulate... and frighteningly easy to lose forever if a hard drive fails, gets lost or is stolen. We all know this, yet it’s hard to stay disciplined about making backup copies on a regular basis. Picture Keeper will be a new dad's best friend.  Shop Now

 Gifts for Dad

Giddy Organics 

Being a new dad can wear a guy out. Giddy skincare products are all natural, organic, and handmade. The Cinnamon and Lavender Face and Body Scrub exfoliates as it cleans leaving skin feeling smooth and revitalized. Give Dad a fresh face and he'll be energized for another busy day.  Shop Now

first fathers day gift ideas


One snuggle and he’ll be hooked. This cozy woven blanket will quickly become the one dad grabs, whether curling up on the couch with with the family or enjoying some fresh air on a crisp night outdoors. ChappyWrap will become Dad's go-everywhere, timeless blanket.  Shop Now

Focus Tea by CogniTea


New dads can run low on energy from time to time. Steep him a cup of CogniTea and he'll thank you.  This all-natural tea  provides productive energy, mental clarity, and focus without the typical jitters and headache one experiences from coffee and energy drinks.  Shop Now

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