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8 Gifts for Pets & Animal Lovers

We've found the best gifts for animal lovers.  Treat your favorite friend (or furry companion) to unique pet products, including fun pet toys, clever collars and leashes, comfy pet beds and more.

Best gifts for animal lovers

NoClean Aquariums

Self-cleaning aquarium that functions without filters, batteries or wire plug-in. For use with Betta fish only. Shop Now

cool gifts for animal lovers

Cat Crib

Eliminate clutter while you keep your furry family member happy. Cat Crib is a hammock that attaches to furniture legs and creates a cozy hideaway for feline friends. Shop Now

unique gifts for animal lovers

Dean Russo

Celebrate your favorite furry friend with Dean Russo’s mixed-media, pop art prints. They are sure to add a splash of color, personality and warmth wherever you display them. Shop Now gifts for animal lovers


iFetch is an interactive, on demand ball launching toy perfect for any small dog who loves to play a good game of fetch. Train your dog to retrieve balls and drop them back in to the iFetch for hours of fun. Shop Now



This rubber block has nubs on the surface to lift, gather, and remove pet hair. Pet hair, fluff and fuzz gathers on the block with minimal effort and is easily lifted away. Shop Now



Let sleeping dogs lie and cats make themselves right at home with artfully made mats and caves as attractive to your eye as they are to your pet. Lollycadoodle felted cat caves are 100% wool and handmade by artisans in Kathmandu in a Fair Trade Facility. Shop Now


Himalayan Dog Chews

Ancient recipe from the Himalayan mountains. All natural and completely digestible. These all-natural Himalayan Dog Chews contain more than 50% protein, almost no fat, and are completely digestible. Shop Now LINKSIT


A lightweight connector with a unique locking mechanism makes it easy to add, remove, and rearrange your pet's tags. Shop Now

Shop more gifts for pet and animal lovers here.


  • Windy Says:

    I love your grommet hammock and will purchase one soon. However I did not see the screen cover you mentioned. I would also love to have a hidden zippered flap that covered the hole and kept me rain free while camping. I would want to sleep in it if there is enough room. Love your site.

  • jean hamann Says:

    The toy with the little ball that comes out is amazing. But I have larger dogs - Portugese Water Dogs and Labradoodle - do you have a toy like that for larger homes and larger dogs. You advertise it for a tiny Yorkie.

  • Tori Says:

    Hi Jean,

    Some larger dogs do very well with these smaller balls, but some don't. The balls are 1.5". If this Maker develops a version for larger dogs we will be sure to let you know!

  • Raymond Carter Says:

    The no work aquarium, does only work with Betas or would it work with other fish? Neon Tetras? How many fish could be in one tank? I know only one Beta, but other types?

  • Norah Says:

    would the no clean aquarium work for dwarf African Frogs... it looks so much nicer than the small jewel box they came in.

  • Christine Bowman Says:

    Please notify me if and when a larger ball version (suitable for 80-90lb dog) becomes available. This is the perfect toy for my hyper lab!
    Thank you,
    [email protected]

  • Sarah Says:

    I am surprised that you do not ship to Canada, we would love to purchase some of your excellent items.

  • Nancy Says:

    Pelease do not Suggest to a person with a large dog to purchase a small toy. My Germán shepard nearly choked to death on a small ball. It took two of us to reach down her throat and pull it out while she gasped for air pulling it in further.

  • Daniel Hauff Says:

    On the note about choking - had I not taken "Pet First Aid" years ago I would have lost one of our kiddos prematurely because he got a bar of soap and it foamed up and he couldn't get it out. I'd HIGHLY recommend taking such courses or learning online (or both!) for urgent situations that are unexpected. I got his back end up and bounced him a bit (sounds worse that it is) and out the bar came. I'm so thankful. (P.S. The merchandise you sell on The Grommet is super cool and yours is one of the few email lists that I always open and look through - that says A LOT about the quirkiness, creativity and usefulness of the items you have. Well done!)

  • Tori Says:

    Hi Norah,
    Because of the size it would not work for African mini frogs because their food will sink below the rocks into the reservoir before they get a chance to eat it.

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