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Giveaway: What designs do YOU want to see created from Skallops today?

Card House Building Set by E&M Labs Skallop clips in action


Happy Friday all! Today's Grommet launch is especially exciting for us because we're asking for YOUR participation! Skallops are clever little clips that were created by two friends with a vision for making the ordinary card houses into extraordinary designs. One thing they truly love to see is what design ideas others come up with.

So today, jump on over to the Skallops page and leave a comment with what type of design you'd like to see. Be sure to include your name in your comment so that we can credit you with the design idea. At 6 pm ET, the Grommet and Skallop judges will convene and announce the winner for coolest design. The lucky winner will receive a free junior pack with instructions on how to build their winning design.

Designs can be as simple as a hat , or as complex as a wheel or bridge. YOU name it and the Skallops team will build it!

So let's get started, head on over to our comment board and let Evan and the Skallops team know what your challenge design is!

We'll be sure to update this post with pictures of the challenge designs that the Skallop team creates (so check back)!

UPDATE - 1:45 PM

Eiffel Tower: Design idea by Michelle

Eiffel (2) Eiffel Tower


Football Stadium: Design idea by Kim

Football Stadium Football Stadium


Peacock: Design idea by Jill

peacock Peacock


UPDATE - 3:00 PM

Taj Mahal: Design idea by "Guest"

Taj Mahal Taj Mahal


Niagara Falls: Design idea by Deborah

Niagara Falls Niagara Falls


Monster Truck: Design Idea by Lisa


Monster Truck Monster Truck


Owl: Design Idea by Amy

Owl Owl



Golden Gate Bridge: Design Idea by Cristy

Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate Bridge


Sydney Opera House: Design Idea by Kate


Sydney Opera House Sydney Opera House


Fire Truck: Design Idea by Val

Fire Truck Fire Truck


Platypus: Design Idea by Lindsay

Platypus Platypus


Suit of Armor w/ shield: Design Idea by Nic

Suit of Armor with shield and sword Suit of Armor with shield and sword


Polar Bear: Design Idea by Bettina



Pumpkin: Design Idea by Debra

Pumpkin Pumpkin


A working model of the archemides screw: Design idea by Michelle

archemides screw archemides screw


Elephant: Design Idea by "Guest"

Elephant Elephant


A Horse: Design Idea by Lisa

A horse A horse


A Train:  Design Idea by Luz

Train Train


A Castle: Design Idea by Becca

A Castle A Castle


DNA Double Helix: Design Idea by Barbara

DNA double helix DNA double helix


Mars Rover: Design Idea by Andrea

Mars Rover: hint (look below!) Mars Rover: hint (look below the big version!)



A Polar Bear: Design Idea by Bettina

A Polar Bear A Polar Bear


                                                    ....AND The WINNER is.......

Nic's Idea for The Suit of Armor with a shield and a sword! Congrats Nic - a free junior Skallops kit is on it's way to you. Enjoy it.

Suit of Armor with shield and sword Suit of Armor with shield and sword


  • Dana Says:

    Those creations look awesome!

  • joanne Says:

    Wow - Love it!

  • Val Says:

    Love everything - especially the aerial firetruck! Husband thrilled; Something new and fun we can all share!

  • Nic Says:

    Super impressed by the suit of armor. Well done.

  • Melinda Says:

    Try an American Flag!

  • Judy Unterberger Says:

    Looks like a lot of dun. Great ideas. Just saw the blog. I know i'm late but wondering if it woild be possible to make a replica of the Hubble Space telescope and the space shuddle with the arm grabbing the telescope. I have a friend who would love this and it would be a great gjft but i have no creative or building ability. I cane even do much with Leggo's so was wondering it help was available.

  • Michael Says:

    I bought these and knew at the time I better buy a number of sets. I did not and totally regret it. I am "jonesing" for more myself and when restocked I am sending them out as Christmas gifts to my 28 nieces and nephews. (shhhh don't tell them). Love the pictures with new ideas of how to connect them.

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