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Giving Dad an experience to remember

My parents are like many, hard to buy for. They have what they need and they don't ask for much. I knew that the Cloud 9 Living gift would be perfect for my Dad -- and it turned out to be a big hit! He decided to drive an Indy race car as his event. I spoke to him on the phone after and he was quite impressed by their training and operation there at this FL track and he had a blast. He thought it was an amazing experience and was telling me he would want to do a plane ride. I love that he wants to do another one!



Here is a note from my Dad:

Greetings to all! Choosing a Cloud 9 event was one of a lifetime. The adventures to choose from: air, water, snow, golf, food, action, life culture, race car driving -- were all unique gift ideas for someone like myself who enjoys "doing" stuff. I chose the Homestead Indy race car driving as it was close and seemed like the perfect adventure for me. This Nascar track is home to both Nascar and Indy races and offers driver classes for those of us who want to go fast. After arriving for an hour long video class and instruction, I was deemed ready to race. There are only Indy 3 cars on the track at a time and each one of us had a spotter on radio giving us directions (like which lane to move into and tips on driving the track).

I learned that to ensure we weren't getting too confident, the speed could be limited by a computer. I believe we could get as fast as 180 MPH -- although I am not quite sure how fast I got up to (Maybe 145). Also, the controller for your car is always in contact with you and he has the controls that will stop the car.

Sitting in this car makes your butt only 3 inches from the ground. The lateral centrifugal force on the turns is a deterrent to keep the speed on, I found the best way was to let your body slide to the side and let the harnesses hold you rather than fighting the force.

I did one 5 to 6 minute run and figured that was it, until the guide asked if I was ready for another run, I knew I was going! I really enjoyed this experience.

Thanks again! Love,


My  Dad has a blast driving an Indy car, but what adventure would you most like to try?

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