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Giving: time, talent or treasure?

Today's Grommet is WishUponaHero.com, an innovative community that matches wishmakers with wish-fulfillers.  We salute Wish Upon a Hero for making a difference in the lives of so many.  A former Daily Grommet intern, Sanjli, has a passion for philanthropy, and she'll be sharing some of her favorite nonprofits with us from time to time.  Enjoy her post, and let us know what you think.

by Sanjli Gidwaney

As an intern at Daily Grommet, I was happy to learn of the founders' efforts to raise awareness about social challenges that plague our community both here at home and across the globe.  Given the state of the economy, it’s become increasingly difficult to focus on helping others, when we here in the US are wallowing in our own financial debt. That being said, many of us are still in the mind set of giving, we just don’t know how and to whom. With so much information on the web, where do you begin to look and how do you support smaller initiatives and real heroes contributing to their community?

bbb logoWhile searching online for a worthy cause, what gets lost for me are the real stories, the real heroes and the real voices of people who strive everyday to do good in the world.  It’s important to give these people a voice by doing what we can to support their initiatives. I recently came across one such hero, Zvikomborero, the founder of a couture fashion clothing line called Bless by Bless. Born in a small town called Mutoko in Zimbabwe, he uses his designs to spread messages about compassion, hope and love. He describes Bless by Bless as more than a fashion line, but a tribute to life and humanity by contributing part of his proceeds to help those affected by HIV aids. Overcoming some of the traumatic events of his life, he now designs clothes to create a social impact.

After hearing Zvikomborero story, I was forced to think about my own purchasing habits. As many others, I’m concerned with brand name, design, and comfort,  only to have my hot new finds sit in my closet with tags still in tow. With designers such as Zvikomborero, I now have to think twice. By wearing his clothes, which do come with a hefty price tag, I could certainly support his cause, but is there another way I could achieve the same goal?

Now my questions is, given the economic times in which we live, how do you support such an organization without experiencing a serious financial pinch? How can you highlight the designer’s efforts without breaking into your own piggy bank?  Let us know what you think.

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