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Going Hands-Free

BetterBasketWhen doing the story for The BetterBasket I got a little more excited than usual. It's not because I love doing laundry (loathe would be a better word) but because I love that this tote bag can be used for pretty much anything while leaving one hand free.

I live in an area where the population nearly doubles in the summer thanks to fruit pickers (Orchards abound) and tourists (Seeking the sun). The climate is hot and dry which means that we spend nearly every day at the beach. If you have small children, then you know that the trip to the lake involves a lot of stuff. Towels, sand toys, snacks, etc. I spent the bulk of my summer lurching from the parking lot down to the beach with a big plastic bin full of toys held out in front of me. I would stumble to the beach with a small tote full of snacks and towels hooked on one arm and my purse hooked on the other arm. I felt something like a pack mule.

The idea that I can tote stuff while having a hand free to help my kids or, I don't know, sweep my hair out of my face in an attempt to look young and cool is pretty enticing.

Summer is long gone but The BetterBasket is something I can use all year 'round. For laundry, yes, but for a myriad of other things. We've been trying to figure out how to organize all the the scarves, gloves and hats that are being pulled out of storage. I think this is the perfect solution for keeping all of those accessories in one convenient (and organized) location. I have always been a lover of baskets and this one is indeed better.


Buy the BetterBasket folding, collapsible basket here.

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