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Got Company Coming? 8 Must-have Host and Hostess Ideas

Host and hostess gift ideas, Soundview Millworks wooden cutting boardWhether you're getting the gang together for Superbowl Sunday, going upscale with an Oscar party, or hosting overnight guests for President's Day weekend, these eight great items make throwing a party painless and playing host or hostess even easier.

  1. Clean Up (Almost) Everything
  2. You won't need three toxic cleaning agents to tidy up for your guests when a rag and water makes cleaning easy - and green. Not just any rag, though, we're talking about E-cloth, which is made from a special kind of microfiber that lifts dirt but won't leave streaks. You'll like it so much, you'll probably want to do a demo for your friends. So miss a spot on purpose.

  3. Sweeten Up the Front Closet
  4. When a house smells of air freshener, guests wonder what its owners have to hide. Getting rid of odors beats masking them any day. Good thing you can absorb that musty closet smell in a flash with an all-natural bamboo charcoal deodorizer called Ever Bamboo.

  5. Fresh Bedding at the Ready
  6. You never know who is allergic to what these days, and no matter how tidy you are, you might just have sneeze- and wheeze-inducing dust mites. Make all your guest bedding allergy- and asthma-friendly with the CleanRest Ultra One line that blocks the microscopic pests.

  7. Make Things Shine
  8. Replace your noxious silver, brass, and copper polishes with Cape Cod Polish and you'll thank us. You can use their reusable cotton polishing cloths - infused with just the right amount of polish - on all fine metals, and it smells like vanilla, which makes the job a little more fun. Yummy, shiny, yay!

  9. Eco Chic Paper Towel Substitute
  10. It's not a party until someone spills something. And this time you'll have just the thing to wipe it up (and no, we don't mean that stinky old sponge). One Twist Clean reusable, biodegradable sponge cloth will outlast 17 rolls of paper towels (but is just as easy to use).

  11. Play a New Game
  12. Banish boring board games to the closet. Instead, break out Yamodo!, which is bound to become their new favorite. With something for the wordsmiths, and something for the doodlers, it's a creative game that's fun for just about everyone.

  13. Fire It Up
  14. If you've got entertainment planned, don't derail it with an impromptu contest of "who can get the fire started." The Maine Flame firestarter leaves nothing to chance, and you'll love that you're using an eco-friendly product (just wax and sawdust) in your fireplace (or fire pit). It's as easy to light as a candle, and doesn't produce ash.

  15. (Really) Good Eating
  16. Sure you can whip up your old Seven Layer Dip, but if you're in the mood to serve something that's fresh and seasonal, the Clean Food cookbook has a Mexican Layer Dip you might want to try. Terry Walters will teach you how to eat close to the source and avoid processed ingredients. The result? Guilt-free, good eating for all.


  • Normita Says:

    Great stuff! I found your website through Jim Rice. Will check it out regularly.

  • Jeanne Says:

    That's great Normita - welcome!

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