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Get fit: 7 smart get up and go Grommets.

Trying to keep fit? Can't find the time? No more excuses! The real key to staying healthy is to keep moving and have fun doing it. We've pulled together 7 Grommets to help you stay on track and motivated long after most New Year's resolutions fade. Here are our unique fitness gadgets and ideas:

Keep it fun.

Pedal yourself fit with the Yucycle, It’s designed for hands-free cruising. You pedal with your feet and steer by making subtle shoulder movements, so your hands are free to hold a cell phone, drink a soda, or shoot hoops if you’re really coordinated.

Or you could get a physical 'high' with the Vurtego Pogo Stick. It uses a patented air-spring propulsion system, unleashes the big bounce. In the hands of a master jumper (none of us here qualify…yet), this puppy can soar as high as eight feet in the air.

Fuel up.

With Youbar you can build your own energy bar right on the website choosing from ingredients in 8 different categories like nuts and seeds, fruit and grains. And the Vapur water bottle is designed to collapse when there’s nothing in it so you can roll it, fold it or flatten it. That means no more clunky water bottles taking up precious space in your purse, backpack or briefcase.

Take a hike.

When you do want to get out of the house and go for a hike or enjoy the outdoors you can tote all your snacks in the Kelty Pop Duo.

Kelty basecamp portable insulated cooler bagWhat sets the Kelty Pop Duo apart besides sheer quality? Simple good looks and spaciousness. A convenient prep area and a Storage section for kitchen utensils.

Be sure to protect yourself from the rays. Our pick:  KINeSYS Sun Lotion. KINeSYS comes in a microspray bottle that sprays on in seconds and dries in seconds without oily residue.

Got kids along for the walk? Take a look at MFS Eyewear. The lenses are made of a shatterproof polycarbonate that provides 100% protection against UVB and UVA rays.

Feeling inspired? See more unique sports and fitness ideas here.

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