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Make your holiday season a bit more "green"

The colors of the season are traditionally red and green. In keeping with the green side if things, let's highlight some Green Grommets.


Worm-Hearted TerraCycle not only sells organic fertilizer in recycled plastic bottles, they boast an entire line of 100% recycled products. Whether you go for fertilizers, cleaners, or any of their “zero carbon footprint” products fashioned from recycled drink pouches (the pencil cases are fun), you’re gifting something cool and helping the earth. ($10.60 and up) Learn more about how Terracycle creates products from waste here.



Not Your Mother's Pocket Garden. Woolly Pockets are flexible, breathable, and modular gardening containers. Not quite a pot, more interesting than a window box, these planting “pockets” allow you to place one plant in just the right spot. Woolly Pockets are earth-friendly because they are made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Perfect gifts, they're lightweight and fold flat, which makes them very easy to use, move, and store just about anywhere. ($39.00 - $247.00) Buy Woolly Pocket gardening pockets for vertical wall gardens here. 

PossibilitreeTree For Life. Imagine Christmas without having to find, haul, water, and dispose of an evergreen tree, but still being able to bring a piece of nature into your home for the holidays. That was the inspiration for architect Richard Babcock, who designed this stunning handmade wooden tree, the possibiliTree. ($160.00 and up) Buy the possibiliTree wooden holiday tree here.



earthfriendsDon't Slip In Downward Dog. JadeYoga makes mats using natural rubber, which is a renewable resource tapped from rubber trees. The company’s Jade mats contain no PVC, synthetic rubbers or other ozone-depleting substances. They’re made in the U.S. in compliance with all environmental and labor laws. ($59.95) Buy Jade Harmony's eco-friendly non-slip yoga mats here



Recycled float roap mats

Doormats From The Sea. These cheerful, handmade mats from Maine Float-Rope Company triple the feel-good factor. Designed by environmentalist Penny Johnston, they help save whales, provide financial assistance to Maine lobstermen, and protect the environment. ($49.95 and up) Buy the Maine Float Rope company doormats here.



MokugiftPlant A Tree. Good news: Yes, you can do something about global warming! And it’s surprisingly simple. Just plant a tree. Besides providing beautiful foliage and cooling shade, trees help trap ozone layer-depleting CO2 emissions, minimizing the effects of climate change. Planting is a cinch with Mokugift. You don’t have to dig deep into your pockets or even lift a shovel. And it’s as easy as sending an e-card. ($1 per tree) Learn about mokugift.com and how to plant a tree for charity.



Smoothing the Way. Pacific Shaving Oil adds that oh-so-desirable layer of lubrication and moisturizer so the razor doesn’t rip over the surface like sandpaper. Made from plant extract essential oils and packaged in small, travel-friendly containers, this shaving oil can be used with or without additional shaving cream. You'll get at least 100 shaves from each little bottle and for every bottle sold, a tree will be planted. It’s good for your skin, for your wallet, and for the earth. ($17.85) Buy Pacific Shaving natural shaving oil here.


AnnMadeRecycled, Wearable Art. Ann Skydell Harmon believes that “recycling can be beautiful.” There are so many levels of meaning to Ann’s “wearable art.” With Ann-Made Jewelry ou can show how much you care about the planet and be stylish while doing so. Being green is the new black, after all. ($18.50-$22.50) Buy Ann-Made Art's soda can tab recycled jewelry here.


TwistA New Twist. Twist Clean eco-friendly cleaning sponges and cloths—smart buys that virtually eliminate the need to buy expensive and bulky boxes of paper towels, nasty steel wool scrubbers, and bacteria ridden sponges. Once you try these supple, malleable, flexible, bendable European cloths you’ll be hooked...and want to share them with the people in your life. ($15.00) Buy Twist natural sponge, biodegradable cleaning cloths here.

Holiday cloth gift bags

 Green wrapping. Wrap your gifts the eco-friendly way. These cloth gift bags from Living Ethos really show off founder Josie Gaillard’s keen eye for fabric, with sophisticated options like Regal Damask Blue and the modern Deco Maze. There are also kid-friendly patterns that are lively and fun without being too juvenile. ($28.00 for a package of four bags) Buy LivingEthos holiday cloth gift bags here.

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