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Green thumb? There are apps for that.

Gardening apps


It's officially spring and that means it's time to get our gardens growing. Here at Grommet we're excited to launch several items this spring that will help you and your landscapes get into full bloom. We're also continuing our series on our favorite apps and have listed some of the best gardening apps below that will help you keep that thumb of yours bright green.

Landscapers Companion: $4.99 for iPhones.

The Landscaper's Companion app is an interactive plant database that holds information on over 26,000 plants. You can search plants, images, keep lists of plant ideas or add your own custom plants and images. You can also sync your data between the website, iPhone, and iPad with a data-sync subscription.


Garden Tracker : $1.99 for iPhones and $3.99 for iPads.

This garden tracker is great for large garden planning. It will help you plant certain sections of your garden, track their progress and advises on which plants are happiest growing next to each other. Another feature includes ideas for pest control and typical frost dates for the U.S.


Bugs in the Garden: .99 cents for iphone or android.

Curious about those creepy crawlers you see? There are many types out there. This app will help you identify them and give insight into damage control - whether they'll help or harm your plants. This is a great app to use for yourself, or help your kids learn about different insects. It includes details pictures too so you can match them with what you see!


Vegetable Garden Guides: $1.99 for iPhone

This app serves as a reference for advanced gardeners but it's also a good tool for gardener newbies. The vegetable garden guides can help you successfully grow and harvest over 90 vegetables and herbs. It even allows you to mark your favorites! Each vegetable guide includes a section on each step of the growing process including planting, growing, harvesting and storing.


Grow Your Own: FREE!

The Royal Horticultural Society is the UK's leading gardening charity and their goal is to help people share a passion for plants. They're highly regarded in the gardening world and now have an app for everyone to enjoy and learn how to grow their own fruits, vegetables and plants. The app will help you choose and grow the right vegetables for your space and time.  It was also included in Mashable's  5 Free iPhone Gardening Apps for Your Green Thumb.


Extra Resources that review good apps for gardeners: 

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What are you most excited about planting this year? Tell us in the comments!

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