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Green Tweets: Eco friendly tips from our 'green' pals

The ability to connect and share with  others on Twitter is something I really treasure. Recently I have made connections with wonderful “green” folks while tweeting. I am always impressed by their resources, tips, and motivation which (in its own way) is fueling the green movement and bringing eco-consciousness topics to the forefront.  I wanted to find a way to honor these “green tweep” and so I asked them to share a short tip (longer than 140 characters but brief just the same) with us here on the Grommet blog. So, without further ado; here are some of my favorite green tweople and their tips for living a greener life:

@GreenParentsNet:  It's important to "Go Green" with the products you use on your skin, because your skin absorbs anything and everything it comes in contact with!  Take a look at the ingredients in your shampoo, soap, lotions, deodorant, perfumes, nail polish, etc.  Chances are if you can't pronounce (or wouldn't eat!) the ingredient, you shouldn't touch or use it, either, because it will enter into your bloodstream - via your skin! -Mary Beth Rebedeau Green Parents Network - Where green families meet!

@EcoChic: I'd have to say that my best tip is to be a more conscious consumer. Buy long term use products (local if possible) that are made of earth friendly materials and packaged mindfully. -Jen Khatchatrian EcoChicagoStyle.com

@EthicalStyle:  Don't blindly follow trends, even if they're being marketed as 'green.' You'll produce less waste if you know your style and wear what you like, rather than buying into trends that haven't truly stolen your heart. As with consumer conscience, personal style has to be individually tailored. -M.J. Prest EthicalStyle.com

@MomGoesGreen: Going green is simply about taking a moment to step back and rethink your actions in your everyday life.  Remember the three r's: reuse, reduce, and recycle.  If you can implement those r's into your life by consuming less, purchasing wisely and making better choices, you have taken a huge step toward being green. -Doreen Kukral  momgoesgreen.com

@Makower: Make sure you bring your environmental ethic and habits to work each day. The waste and emissions you create at home pales in comparison to what you probably do at work. There is nearly unlimited potential to improve that -- and to make your job, and your company, better in the process. -Joel Makower founder of GreenBiz.com and author, "Strategies for the Green Economy."

@CelebrateGreen: Reducing is the best way consumers can help save the Earth (and money too). Buy less--especially food (Americans toss anywhere from 15-20% of what we buy) and don't let leftovers turn to sludge. Use, share or compost what you can't eat. -Lynn & Corey at Celebrate Green CelebrateGreen.net

@GreenMyParents: Think the price of gas is hard to swallow? Try bottled water! Bottled water can be over $6 a gallon – twice the price gas.  People say you should drink 8 glasses each day.  If you drink bottled water, you could be throwing away $1000 a year. Help your parents kick their habit: invest in a filter and portable canteens. -Josh Stempel greenmyparents.com

@EcoDiva: Get Back To Basics: Plenty of sleep, plenty of clean water and define simple luxuries for yourself. If you invest in a new item, don't go for quick fads; choose items that will last through seasonal trends. Follow your inner EcoDiva versus magazine trends. -Elena Lipson theEcoDiva.com

Thanks to these green tweets for sharing your tips with us. We know there are many more green folks out there spreading the word on Twitter. If you have something to add, feel free to leave your earth-friendly tip in the comment section below. Also, be sure to leave your twitter handle too so we can follow you!


  • Elena Says:

    Thank you for featuring my tip - I am in great company and am grateful ;)


  • karen Says:

    Think ahead. Plan ahead. Ditch the "I want it yesterday." mentality. Being eco-friendly means getting rid of the convenience mentality and thinking about what's good for the future by using reusable resources even if they are inconvenient at the moment.

  • Tori Says:

    Great tip Karen!

  • Doreen/Mom Goes Green Says:

    Thank you for including Mom Goes Green... and I agree... I am in good company in this list... Have a happy & green day!

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