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Greening Your Family

Greening Your Family by Lindsey Carmichael, MPHThose who follow Daily Grommet know that we're always on the lookout for widgets, gadgets, and gizmos that make our lives easier. We're especially keen on handy guides -- and that's exactly what we found in Lindsey Carmichael's book Greening Your Family (Peter E. Randall, 2009).

Lindsey, who has her masters in public health, got a firsthand education in ridding her home of harmful chemicals and toxins in her efforts to help her son Liam fight asthma. She knows this is serious business, and if you've ever worried about the lengthy ingredient lists on your shampoo and cleaning supplies, you'll love that she gets down to business quickly. Her chapters, covering all sorts of food, personal care, and cleaning products, offer easy-to-read charts of "ingredients to avoid" and "safe products." Good thing the book is compact because you'll want it in your purse the next time you go shopping.

For example, here's her list of safe all-purpose kitchen cleaners that are free of synthetic chemicals with known links to health problems:

  • Biokleen Super Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser
  • Bon Ami Cleaning Powder
  • Citra-solv Conentrate or Ready-to-Use
  • Earth Friendly Products Parsley Plus All Purpose Kleener
  • Ecover All Purpose Cleaner
  • Method All Purpose Cleaner
  • Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day All Purpose Cleaner (previously featured on Daily Grommet!)
  • Planet All Purpose Spray Cleaner
  • Seventh Generation Natural All Purpose Cleaner
  • Shaklee Basic H2 Organic Sugar Super Cleaning Concentrate

Of course, if you'd rather make your own, Lindsey has suggestions for that, too: White distilled vinegar is an excellent antibacterial and antifungal, she explains. Mix with a few drops of your favorite essential oil in a spray bottle, and you'll find it does the job and only leaves your preferred scent behind.

Grommet Interview with Lindsey Carmichael, MPH, author of Greening Your Family

Your book makes it so easy to find safe products, but of course, sometimes it's actually a little hard to part with products we know and love around the house. What, in your opinion, are the worst offenders? What should get tossed first?

No doubt we all have some favorite products that are tough to part with. I would first evaluate the products that are used and consumed by children, and let that guide the ‘tossing’ decisions. I would start by filtering my water, swapping the family’s most popular produce for organic varieties, and I would opt for hormone and antibiotic free dairy and meat products. Next I would eliminate personal care products that contain phthalates (often disguised as the word fragrance) and parabens. Lastly, ditch those conventional brands of dryer sheets! They contain truly terrible stuff (ingredients that are known neurotoxins and carcinogens)! There are some safe brands of both fabric softener and dryer sheets, so it is possible to have our clothes smell good, without compromising our health.

How has going green affected your family's health? Any big changes?

Lindsey Carmichael, author of Greening Your FamilyThe change has been significant. I buy totally different brands of products today than I did five years ago. We are members of a local CSA (Community Supported Agricultural Farm), which has had a great impact on the volume and variety of produce that we consume. I am confident the air quality in our house is significantly better than it was when I used conventional cleaning products and stored various toxic things in the house. My son’s asthma is greatly improved, and collectively we eat better than we ever have. If it’s true that you are what you eat, I feel pretty good about where we are today! We are all very healthy.

There's a great chart in the book showing produce items and their pesticide load. Avocado and onions had the lowest levels, which seems to make guacamole the world's healthiest food. What are some of your favorite healthy, low-tox things to make for your family?

Tonight we’re having vegetarian burritos with plain organic yogurt and organic salsa. Other healthy family favorites for this time of year include chicken curry over brown rice, fish chowder (with a tomato base), baked fish, and chicken or blackened shrimp Caesar salad on organic romaine.

Visit Lindsey's blog at www.lindseycarmichael.net

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  • Julie Randall Says:

    Can't wait to check this book out. I love to find new ways to keep my family healty and chemical free.

  • Jesse Moor Pezzullo Says:

    I was lucky enough to take a sneak peek at this book, and I will definitely be buying a copy! I have been interested in greener living for several years, and have built up a collection of magazine clippings to reference when I shop for food, personal care products, cleaners, etc. But, it seems like most of them tell you what to avoid rather than what to buy. This book makes it so much easier because you can take it with you (it's the perfect size), find the category you want, and shop away using the product suggestions. Now, I don't have to stand there and pick up every bottle and decipher labels! Big time-saver! It is simplistic, yet detailed - just a great resource for everyone from newbies to experts on greener living.

  • zealandsmom Says:

    I already use ecover! love it!!! And I will be testing BioKleen soon! We are on our way to green living, this book would be awesome to have! Thanks Tori for the chance :)

  • Sommer Says:

    I do a lot of book reviews and this is something I would love to read! Right up my alley! =)

  • Sarah Says:

    I often use vinegar to clean as well. I would love to read all the advice and tips in this book as well. Going a bit more green in 2010 sounds like a good idea to me!

  • JulieFBT Says:

    This book is exactly what I need! Our kids are suffocated by chemicals and pesticides so I'm trying to go organic with foods and cleaning.

  • jeanneconnon Says:

    Congratulations to our 2 winners: Julie Randall and Jesse Moor Pezzullo!

    Thanks for stopping by everyone and keep sharing your creative ideas for going green!

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