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Grid By Band








Grid By Band: Boston, MA
What is it?

Customizable iphone cases and straps.

Read more about this product straight from the founders below!
Product Description:
In a sea of faceless technology, it becomes hard to distinguish one phone from another, one person from another.  What started out as a way to show our individual sense of style has become completely homogenized.  Grid looks to change that.  Grid is a customizable iPhone case.  Whether you want it to match your favorite pair of GStar shoes or new Kate Spade purse, Grid has a style for you.  Not only does Grid come in infinite color combinations, and lets you show your support for local teams, associations, and charities.  Grid is a customizable framework of stretched nylon that is integrated onto the back of a phone case.  It allows you to store anything; from your ID, to your favorite shade of lipstick, to your headphones all in one place.  The nylon comes in a number of colors to go with any outfit, accessory or frame of mind.  Its customizable fashion is equaled only by its customizable function.  Once you have the original Grid case, you can add supplementary expansion packs to keep the customization possibilities limitless.  In the same way that you would dress yourself, Grid allows you to ‘Dress your Phone.’  Your style is always changing, your phone case should too.

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Team Bio:

The Band team met in their sophomore year at MassArt as Industrial Design students.  Initially using their combined creative skills to brew and brand their own beer, the team soon realized their potential to make awesome consumer products.  During the course of an overcaffeinated design hustle, Band was born, and the team has been working together ever since.

Colin Murphy - Wandering Storyteller and Social Media Padawan [Team Leader]
Mitchell Silva - Design Guy and Beard Owner
Alexander Calachan - Sketch Gremlin and Graphics Wizard
Matt Bettencourt - Fearless Jaywalker and R and D Guru


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    AMAZING idea! smart use of simple products, come on people vote it up!

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