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Grommet Creator Update: Pacific Shaving Company

Patti Purcell, Stan Ades, me. I'm wearing a limited edition Pacific Shaving cap that Stan had just given me. I am one of only eight people in the world to own one! My son tried to get absorb it into his collection--that is a high compliment for a hat. But he can't have it.

Patti and I finally got to meet the wonderful Stan Ades of Pacific Shaving company two nights ago.  We were in San Francisco--home of the shaving revolution.   I had organized a little dinner for friends, and invited Stan to join us.  I had a hunch he would fit in just fine with five people he had never met.  He even helped me pick the restaurant--Il Cane Rosso, in the Ferry Building.  (Stan's wife is a chef so the man knows his food.)

We had a fine evening of culinary delights (all locally grown, organic food sources in inventive combinations) and conversation.  Stan's had a terrific year.  He took the big leap and shed his corporate paycheck to devote himself fully to growing Pacific Shaving.  He doubled the Pacific Shaving product line, and secured a number of key new retail accounts.  He'll be out looking for financing next quarter, and I will be happy to be a reference for any potential investors.  He's got a very good business going and is the kind of person you want to root for.  (And in case you are wondering, his face is very clean shaven and looks well-moisturized.)

Pacific Shaving products make terrific stocking stuffers too...I've given away dozens of them as gifts and the response is uniformly positive.  People are just surprised there really is a better, all natural, way to shave that doesn't involve big rusty, wasteful cans and bad smelling products.

None of the people at dinner knew anyone but me!  Grommet regulars will recognize Daily Grommet COO Patti on the left.  Next: my computer science geek pal, Carolyn, from our Dublin days, me, Marg my U of Michigan college roommate who's now a scientist fighting pesticide use in agriculture, Tim--the startup founder guy I sat behind at HBS,  me, and Stan.


  • Timothy Swords Says:


    Great to see you here on the Left Coast and to meet up with such nice folks! Have a merry Christmas! As a business planning consultant, it was great to hear how well Grommet and Pacific Shaving are doing, especially in this economy. All the best, Timothy

  • julespieri Says:

    And a fine business planning consultant you are Tim. I have heard demand for a reprise dinner. I promise you that!

  • Timothy Swords Says:

    Count me in for the reprise dinner, for sure!

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