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Grommet Gift Guide - Best Valentine's Gifts

Want to keep the romance alive? Celebrate Valentine's Day. Seriously. No complaining that you just handed over oodles of Christmas presents. Just pick out something special -- and start your search now. The best Valentine's gifts aren't the most extravagant, they're the ones that are chosen with a little TLC. Here are our favorite unique suggestions to help put a smile on that special someone.Liquid Metal mesh fabric bra and g-string.

All weekend you can enter to WIN a sexy set of lingerie: a bra and g-string hand-crafted from the signature Liquid Metal woven metal fabric.

More ideas from our website ...

Hotel Chocolat Dipping Adventure for TwoSweets for your sweet:
Whether your lover prefers decadent chocolate or rich caramel, we've got sweet options. Caramel mavens might especially enjoy Fat Toad Farm goat milk caramel sauces.  Chocolate fanatics will go crazy for dessert toppers from Sassy Sauces, gourmet tasting squares from TCHO Chocolate, or a delicious "dipping adventure" (pictured) from Hotel Chocolat.

The ties that bond:
You like it when he dresses up, he likes it when you recognize his unique flair. We've got two tie makers who just might match his style: Cyberoptix (for the hip) and Josh Bach (for the sporty classic).

For your honey bunny:
If your darling loves the sweetness of honey without the mess, Honibe dried honey drops would make a sweet treat. If your babycakes is honey-obsessed, a Savannah Bee all-natural honeycomb round (honey, beeswax and all) might be a truly memorable experience.

Getting warmer:
First, help her thaw out with her own Polartec Heated Vest. Once toasty, she might happily show off her new Hanky Panky (or as it's known at Grommet HQ, the most comfortable thong ever)!

Breakfast in bed:
Whether your lover is kind of crunchy, or into comfort food, we've got just the treat: Personalized granola from MixMyGranola (pictured), or gourmet pancake and waffle mix from SweetStacks.

Liquid Metal mesh metal fabric cuff braceletSomething sparkly:
Is it time for something bling? We think these exquisite metal fabric cuff bracelets from Liquid Metal (pictured) and brooches by Anne Koplik are the kind of finer things that get plenty of attention.

Sporty spice:
Love the body? Treat the athlete! Gifts like Road ID (sturdy wristband identification), SPIbelt (the un-fanny pack), and  Go Motion (vests and belts that light the way) encourage the safe pursuit of healthy habits.

Spencer Peterman, Natural Edge Spaulted Maple Bowls Wooden Bowl, Hand Carved Wooden BowlsBe crafty:
If you could, you'd craft the perfect gift. Whether you're short on time, lacking creativity, low on skills -- or all of the above -- you'd both appreciate Spencer Peterman's handcrafted bowl (pictured) or a gorgeous, colorful willow twig-framed mirror from Around the Bend.

Romantic rubdown:
Give a good massage? Go one better. Get yourselves a Scandle Candle -- the soy-based aromatherapy candle that turns into warm, skin-soothing massage oil. Now that's hot.

So many memories:
Let your Valentine know that you never forgot those good times.  We love Animoto (a custom photo slideshow montage), Zoom Album (a professional-looking pocket photo album), and i-concepts (cool vintage photo sets) to prompt plenty of happy flashbacks.

And we've got more! Keep browsing more great Valentine's gift ideas for her, and for him!


  • Amy Says:

    I love your site! You have some really cool and creative gift ideas for Valentine's Day! I love things that are out of the ordinary and your site has plenty of that! I especially love the liquid metal cuff bracelets! They're absolutely beautiful!

    I'm going to bookmark your site! Can't wait to do some more browsing!

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