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Grommet Gift Guide - Gifts For Sports Enthusiasts

We all have at least one sports enthusiast in our life, even if it's ourselves. We've rounded up a list of Grommets that are perfect for the athletic/outdoorsy person on your list.

Shred Sled Try this New Caster Board, Extreme Skateboarding Fun Why Skate When You Can Shred? Imagine the combined sensation of skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing, and you’ll have a good idea of what the Shred Sled is all about. Reaching for the Dramamine? That’s okay, you’ll never get a chance to ride it anyway, since the daredevil in your life is likely to grab hold of this amazing caster board and never let go. ($119.00) Buy Shred Sled's caster board here.

d ID - Personal Identification Gear To Wear Road ID, ID Bracelet, ID TagIdentification To Go. Sometimes outdoor enthusiasts do meet with misadventures. That’s why helmets, elbow pads and life vests are so important, after all. But personal identification gear, such as the Road ID, is just as critical. If there’s an accident, a readily visible ID tag, complete with emergency contact information and medical needs, could make the difference between life and death. ($19.99) Buy Road ID's ID Bracelet and ID tag here.

Coolibar UV Sunwear, Zinc Oxide Swimwear, SPF ClothingBe sun smart. Coolibar makes clothes for the whole family with a UPF of 50+ (UPF is just like SPF in sunscreen, only it measures the protective power of fabric). They even figured out a way to get zinc oxide in the fabric! Apply the sunscreen, layer on a cover up, swim top, or hat from Coolibar, and you’re ready to go. (Prices vary) Buy Coolibar's UV Sunwear here.

d ID - Personal Identification Gear To Wear Road ID, ID Bracelet, ID TagHang Tight. The Slackline is a new-age, bouncy tightrope, constructed of nylon fabric that’s roughly the width and texture of a seatbelt. The sport, which is sometimes called “jiblining,” was invented by rock climbers who would practice their balance by walking parking lot chains or ropes between climbs. Eventually, the climbers settled on webbing as safer and easier to walk. The Gibbon Slackline kit we’re featuring includes webbing and anchors — everything one needs to quickly “get online.” ($79.99) Buy the Gibbon Slackline for tight rope balance and agility fun here.

Spibelt, Running Belt, Not Your Mom's Fanny PackNo More Fanny Packs. SPIbelt is for the runner in your life who needs somewhere to put their keys, phone, and energy bar. Forget the bulky waist bag, and give this sleek little storage belt a try instead. Athlete and entrepreneur Kim Overton came up with the idea after being frustrated by trying to hold her keys in her sports bra while jogging, and designed the SPIbelt, a slim, no-jiggle belt with an expandable carrying pouch for personal items. This clever container morphs from mini-sized to large enough to hold all your essentials and then some. ($19.95-$29.95) Buy SPIbelt running belts here.

GoMotion, Runner Lights,  Lights for Jogging GoMotion Know an outdoor sports enthusiast? To help them stay safe while exercising in the early morning or evening hours, we like GoMotion gear with built-in lighting that lets you see and be seen in the dark. Choose a vest or a belt equipped with LED lights to light his way.($59.00 and up) Buy GoMotion lights for running and jogging here.

Rail Riders, Bug and Mosquito Repellent ClothingA Super Shirt. The performance clothing made by RailRiders was something founder John d’Arbeloff dreamed up almost 20 years ago, when he was part of a ship’s crew during a 24-hour yacht race, working in “soaking-wet canvas pants that chafed our legs and refused to dry.” Youch! As he puts it, the fast-drying, skin-shielding clothes he’s designed, “were born at sea, but they’re ready for anything.” Their Equator HT Shirt is no exception. It’s a hardworking shirt with built-in UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) and insect protection. It wicks away sweat and moisture, and has side vents to keep the wearer cool and breezy. ($76.00) Buy Rail Riders bug and mosquito repellent clothing here.

Polartec Heat, Heated Jackets, Heated Vests Bring On The Heat. Polartec's cutting edge Active Heat technology was designed to keep the body's core warm for up to six hours—this gives anyone heading outdoors plenty of time to root for a favorite team, walk the dog, or go for a run. A cozy, practical gift! ($169-$199) Buy Polartec Heat's heated jackets and heated vests here.

Healthytoes Toe Stretchers, Healthy FeetHealthytoes Are Happy Toes. Unlike most workouts, with Healthytoes you don’t have to work up a sweat—you can slip the toe stretchers on while watching TV, relaxing in the tub, or curled up with a good book. The more you wear them the quicker you build strength and flexibility in your feet. And when you get really good, you can try walking around with them on—it’s a fun challenge! And you don’t need to be a fitness fanatic to fall in love with Healthytoes—they’re great for anyone who’s active. They can also help with problems like bunions, hammer toe, sciatica, arches, plantar fasciitis, or varicose veins. ($27.95) Buy Healthytoes toe stretchers for healthy feet here.

You Bar, Custom Protein or Energy Bar You Are What You Eat. You Bar allows you to build the perfect energy bar on their website. You choose from ingredients in 8 different categories like nuts and seeds, fruit and grains. A panel with nutrition facts is available as you design the bar, so you can evaluate carbs, fat, calories, protein and sugars before you buy. As the orders come in, Ava, Anthony and their eight “You Bar’istas” weigh and mix the requested ingredients, mold the bars and seal them in packages. They print computer-generated labels stating the bars’ names and nutritional facts. ($37 and up) Buy the You Bar custom protein or energy bar here.

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat Eco-friendly Non-Slip Yoga MatsDon't Slip In Downward Dog. JadeYoga makes mats using natural rubber, which is a renewable resource tapped from rubber trees. The company’s Jade mats contain no PVC, synthetic rubbers or other ozone-depleting substances. They’re made in the U.S. in compliance with all environmental and labor laws. ($59.95) Buy Jade Harmony's eco-friendly non-slip yoga mats here

A Better Back - Lumbar Support Pillow, Back Support Pillow | Back Posture Support Sore No More. Called A Better Back, it’s a lumbar support pillow that can be worn like a backpack if you’re on the go, or strapped onto a chair if you’re working at a desk. You can use it everyday as a gentle reminder not to slouch. The pillow comes with two thermal packs, one for the microwave and one for the freezer. So when pain flares up, you can alternate between hot and cold therapy – a proven method to relieve all types of soreness and muscle tension. ($69.00) Buy A Better Back's back support pillow here.

JKelty BasecampA Cooler Idea. Kelty, a premier name in camping and outdoor equipment since 1952, has finally ended our search for the perfect cooler with the Kelty Basecamp Pop Duo. What sets the Kelty Pop Duo apart besides sheer quality? 1.) A convenient prep area – like a mini-counter. No more making sandwiches (emphasis on “sand”) on a beach towel. 2.) Storage section for kitchen utensils. No more wrapping the paring knife in a paper towel. 3.) Simple good looks and spaciousness. This cooler may just be the last you ever buy. Now that is cool. ($24.34 and up) Buy the Kelty portable insulated cooler bag here.

Vapur, Collapsible Water Bottle Flat-Out Functional. The Vapur water bottle is designed to collapse when there’s nothing in it. It’s made from flexible plastic (BPA-free), so you can roll it, fold it or flatten it until you’re ready for a refill. That means no more clunky water bottles taking up precious space in your purse, backpack or briefcase. When it’s full, the Vapur bottle stands upright. ($8.95) Buy Vapur collapsible water bottle here.


  • Jennifer Annett Says:

    Hey Grommett thanks for including us in your gift guide!

    The link from Coolibar is going to the SPI Belt.

    Would you correct?

    Thank you,


  • julespieri Says:

    Jennifer....Thanks for the good catch...I fixed it, above.

  • Jonathan Craig Says:

    What a great line up of gift ideas for the sporting/outdoor enthusiasts! Thanks for including us, and happy holidays!

  • jeanneconnon Says:

    You're welcome Jonathan - GoMotion is the perfect gift for a runner and we had a great time pulling this list together. Hope you have a healthy, happy holiday season!

  • Liz Says:

    I really like the looks of the pack for runners. I just end up carrying stuff, which is annoying. And I hate the packs I've tried that bounce up and down -- worse than useless. I'll have to give that a closer look. I want to make a suggestion for something else: <a href="http://www.guidetowatchingfootball.com/book.html" rel="nofollow"> A Sportscaster's Guide to Watching Football.</a> I'd actually call this a book that the enthusiast (of football) would give to someone in his/her life who wants to know enough to enjoy watching as well. You know -- "what's a T formation," "how many downs do you get," etc. Perfect, what with bowl games coming up and the Super Bowl in several weeks. Oh -- and another suggestion for the sports enthusiast -- a heart rate monitor!

  • jeanneconnon Says:

    Hi Liz - Thanks for your comments and ideas. Especially like the look of that book for my 12-year-old (sports-obsessed) son.

    As for the SPIbelt, Wendy was our tester here - she's an avid runner and as you'll see in the video she really tested it hard. She swears it doesn't budge and really solves that bouncing problem you're talking about. If you do pick one up, be sure to drop back to let us know what you think about it!

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