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Grommet Gift Guide - GrownUp Stocking Stuffers

The holiday season is upon us and there are stockings to be stuffed. Wondering what to get the adults in your list? We can help!

MuranoNot Just Another Pretty Vase. Who doesn’t love a fresh bouquet of flowers? Let Mother Nature supply the blossoms — and partner them with the Jill-able vase. Jill-ables are unbreakable, collapsible and reusable —they even store flat in a drawer and come in four colors & pattners. Made from recycled plastic, they’re both earth-friendly and the perfect gift to give. ($8.00) Buy Jill-able's portable and collapsible flower vase here.

Gorilla Torch. The Gorillatorch flashlight from Joby has a clever design that combines an LED light source with three strong magnetic feet and flexible legs that you can bend and twist to secure the light to a tree branch, bed post or under the hood of your car. Ideal for do-it-yourselfers and a fun gift for any grown-up on your list. ($29.95) Buy the Gorillatorch flexible, magnetic flashlight that leaves hands free here.



Modern Imbibing. ‘Tis the season to be social, and we’ve found a great way to welcome your guests or say thank you to your holiday hosts. These wine tags have a simple, modern vibe are called Vinotagz, and they’re made from translucent silicone that you can write on with a ballpoint pen (and later wipe clean) if you want to personalize the reusable tags with each wine drinker’s name. ($14.00) Buy modern-twists' wine glass markers here.

Firestarter. To start a fire either inside or out, use the delightful pine-tree shaped starters called The Maine Flame. To start a fire with a Maine Flame, you simply light it. Whoosh – instant flame! It’s as easy as lighting a candle. The Maine Flame will burn for about twenty minutes — plenty of time to start a roaring fire even with damp wood. ($14.95) Buy the Main Flame eco-friendly wood fire starter here.


Pacific Shaving

 Smoothing The Way. Made from plant extract essential oils and packaged in small, travel-friendly containers, this shaving oil can be used with or without additional shaving cream, with 100 shaves in each bottle.  Pacific Shaving Oil is the perfect way to pamper someone you love - and for every bottle sold, a tree will be planted.  ($12.90-$28.90) Buy Pacific Shaving natural shaving oil here.

Big Sound, Little Package. We’ve found a smashing portable speaker solution in the Altec Lansing Orbit speakers. The music lover on your list  can have something small and portable (and—bonus for you!—not too pricey) that sounds great! ($28.95-$39.00) Buy Altec Lansing Orbit portable MP3 speaker here.



One Size Fits...All! Not only does it fit, it flatters. And it looks good under clothes (no visible panty lines, no creeping up above the waistband), and it feels good. Hanky Panky underwear isn't felt at all while wearing them, and we think that’s the whole point. ($13.99-$18.00) Buy Hanky Panky's comfortable stretch lace thong here.


TapeSwell Stuck On You. The TapeSwell decorative tape and mailing labels have wonderfully bold graphics and modern patterns. Crafty folks will love finding new ways to frame kids’ artwork, decorate containers, or just dress up their packaging. ($20) Buy TapeSwell decorative packing tape here.



Protective Covers For Modern Technology. Everyone—from busy moms to mountain bikers—will appreciate how they shield against harmful drops, shocks, scratches, sneezes, even Cheerio dust. OtterBox is designed for all the spontaneous, chaotic, graceless individuals who have ever broken an electronic device due to their active lifestyle. (Prices Vary) Buy Otterbox mobile cases and protective covers here.


Honibe A Sweet Innovation. Food lovers know honey can be a healthier alternative to sugar in your tea or coffee. These Honibe honeycomb-shaped drops contain no additives or preservatives. The drops also work great as lozenges if you’ve got a sore throat, or for a quick energy boost during workouts. Just unwrap and enjoy the sweetness. ($9.99) Buy Honibe pure honey cubes here.


The Must-Have You Don't Have. Luxe Link purse hooks are small, stylish (recycled zinc alloy paired with vintage Asian designs), and either attach to the purse strap or tuck into their own little suede pouch when not in use. When you get to your destination, just rest the round, decorative top on the table, and hook your purse strap on the chain link that hangs off to the side. ($35) Buy Luxe Link purse holders here

Magnetic Holder Wristband

Protect Yourself From Screwy Mishaps. Fortis Design has come up with a nifty solution for the tinkerer in your midst. It’s a small plastic tray you wear on your wrist. Attached is a super powerful magnet that holds most hardware, small tools, and other magnetic objects in place. The wristbands weigh in at just over 2 ounces, so you hardly know it’s there. ($18.00) Buy Magwear magnetic holder wristband here.

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