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Grommet Gift Guide - Office Gifts

It's the week of office holiday parties! We have a few office gift ideas for Christmas -- some serious and some silly -- that are sure to be a hit!

Kamibashi - String Dolls, String Doll Gang Keychain Collectible Characters Woven with Heart and Soul.  Each Kamibashi doll is handmade in Thailand, forged of a continuous piece of cotton string, resulting in 2"-3" character keychains positively packed with personality. With over 90 different charming choices, you're sure to find the perfect personality for any office mate. (Prices vary) Buy Kamibashi string doll keychains here.

Ever Bamboo - Purify by Nature, Bamboo Charcoal, All-Natural Room, Shoe and Sports Deodorizer Nature's Deodorizer. Nobody likes a stinky office -- why not banish box-lunch smells with Ever Bamboo all-natural deodorizers? Made from bamboo charcoal it has an incredibly porous structure that allows it to absorb odors and moisture. By the way, they're also great for all your sweaty gear; hockey bags, gym bags, shoes, boots, and more. What better way to tell your colleagues you care? ($8.95 and up) Buy Ever Bamboo All-Natural Room, Shoe and Sport Deodorizer products here.

Animoto - Make Your Own Video Slideshow, Make Your Own Video SlideshowQuick and Easy Memory Makers. Animoto.com is a cool website that lets you create your own photo videos set to the music of your choosing. Grab your favorite work snapshots, choose a tune with meaning, insert text, and arrange it all the way you want it. In a matter of minutes you can have something that looks TV-worthy and will have everyone in the office singing your praises! (Free and up) Learn more about how to make your own video slideshow with Animoto.

Clocky - Run-Away Alarm, Best Bedside Alarm Clock Review Fall Back, Spring Ahead. There’s no shortage of alarm clocks featuring various gimmicks to get you out of bed, but our in-office test of Clocky confirmed why this alarm clock on wheels is the best: When the alarm began to blare, Clocky jumped off the desk and zoomed away, hiding around the corner. Got someone in the office who's notoriously late? Clocky is a perfectly practical gift. ($16.99 and up) Buy Clocky the best bedside alarm clock and see our full review here.

GRID-IT Netbook and laptop case, Hard Netbook and Laptop Cases With OrganizerCocoon Your Laptop. The GRID-IT laptop case accommodates up to a 15.4" laptop, and the netbook case can hold up to 11" devices. Each has a detachable shoulder strap, so you can carry the case on its own or remove the strap and pop the case into any bag you like. This holiday season, why not give the gift of organization to someone who would appreciate it? ($44.99-$69.99) Buy a GRID-IT, hard netbook and laptop case here.

GRID-IT! Organizer-Portable Gadget Organizer, Cocoon Innovations Grid It Organizer Reinventing Personal Organization. The flat design of the GRID-IT makes it easy to slip into a laptop case or backpack, and if someone in the office is a frequent traveler, they can simply pull out their loaded organizer and send it right through the airport security scanner. Also a great way to keep that cubicle or desk drawer from getting out of control. ($14.99-$24.99) Buy the Cocoon innovations GRID-IT gadget organizer here.

Healthytoes Toe Stretchers, Healthy FeetHealthytoes Are Happy Toes. Know someone at work with achy feet? They'll love  Healthytoes and could even slip these toe stretchers on under the desk while at work  (well, only if their feet aren't stinky ... otherwise, you might want to combine this gift with the EverBamboo - see above). ($27.95) Buy Healthytoes toe stretchers for healthy feet here.

MixMyGranola Custom Granola MixMixed With Love. Got someone at the office who always skips breakfast? Here's a tasty, personalized gift that's fun to give: MixMyGranola. Mix a custom, all-natural, 16-ounce blend according to your colleague's preferences and you've got a truly unique gift. It’s that simple. ($4.99 and up) Buy pre-mixed and customer Mix My Granola here.

A Better Back - Lumbar Support Pillow, Back Support Pillow | Back Posture Support Sore No More. A Better Back lumbar support pillow can be worn like a backpack if you’re on the go, or strapped onto a chair if you’re working at a desk. It's a gentle reminder not to slouch and even comes with two thermal packs, one for the microwave and one for the freezer. So when pain flares up, your office mate can alternate between hot and cold therapy – a proven method to relieve all types of soreness and muscle tension. Soothe office tension and make someone on your list happy. ($69.00) Buy A Better Back's back support pillow here.

d ID - Personal Identification Gear To Wear Road ID, ID Bracelet, ID TagHang Tight. The Slackline is a new-age, bouncy tightrope, constructed of nylon fabric that’s roughly the width and texture of a seatbelt. The sport, which is sometimes called “jiblining,” was invented by rock climbers who would practice their balance by walking parking lot chains or ropes between climbs. Can't you just see this at the next company meeting? Nothing like bonding over your inability to balance! ($79.99) Buy the Gibbon Slackline for tight rope balance and agility fun here.


  • apocalypsecakes Says:

    These are all pretty good and I can imagine getting many of these gifts for my coworkers. But what about a gift for that special <<em>you-know-what</em>> at your office? <br><em>[Post edited by Admin to comply with our no advertising and no-offensive language policy ... we're sure you get the idea!]</em>

  • Rohit Says:

    Nice one. I would keep these in mind.

  • Chris Traynor Says:

    Thanks for this,
    I got my Dad the handtight last x-mas and he loved it. He is always doing stuff about the house so it suited him well. Another pressie I suggest adding to the list for him or her is a digital photo frame. It wont break the bank, but it went down very well with my nanna.

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  • Yep. Pretty much one-stop shopping. « Jules Pieri Says:

    [...] Office and Office Gag Gifts [...]

  • roddick909 Says:

    nice!.there quite good things of collection you got. good post anyway. thanks for sharing.

  • Moranna Says:

    Excellent - if a little expensive for office gifts.

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