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Grommet Gift Guide - Stocking Stuffers For Kids And Teens

If you're at all like me, you know that finding stocking stuffers for the kid/teen set can be tricky. We've rounded up a few Grommets that are bound to be a hit for those on your list.


Great Gifts, Good To Go. These four unique gifts, inspired by the age of exploration and maritime history, make great presents for boys and girls. Added plus: The outside packaging is so special, you can just tuck them in the stocking and you’re good to go. ($11-$13) Buy Authentic Models' message in a bottle gift and others here.



Made In The Shade. The Xtreme Sports sunglasses from MFS Eyewear are real sunglasses, not novelty toys. The lenses are made of a shatterproof polycarbonate that provides 100% protection against UVB and UVA rays. Perfect for cruising down the ski slopes, mountain biking, or jumping in the waves. ($19.99) Buy MFS Eyewear's sport sunglasses for kids here.



Bright Idea. Little ones will love the fun and friendly OXO’s portable child-safe, battery operated lamps. You’ll love how their simple, clean design fits in perfectly with modern décor while filling stockings with a sweet surprise. ($34.98 and up) Buy OXO Candella Tooli kids portable night lights here.


Playing With Food. The Constructive Eating three-piece utensil set features a fork lift fork, front loader spoon and bulldozer pusher. It's a fun surprise that will make every meal entertaining.  ($14.95-$17.95) Buy Constructive Eating kids eating utensils here.


Protective Covers For Modern Technology. It's the hip accessory for teens this holiday season:  OtterBox shields any gadget you're giving this year from shocks, scratches, sneezes, or any mishap that's a regular part of any active lifestyle. (Prices Vary) Buy Otterbox mobile cases and protective covers here.



Big Sound, Little Package. We’ve found a smashing portable speaker solution in the Altec Lansing Orbit speakers. The music lover on your list can have something small and portable (and—bonus for you!—not too pricey) that sounds great! ($28.95-$39.00) Buy Altec Lansing Orbit portable MP3 speaker here.


Pretty In Pendants. Want to bring out the inner crafter in the kid or teenager on your gift list? Annie Howes Make Your Own Pendant Kit is the perfect way for them to use their creativity to design one-of-a-kind glass pendants. Great activity gift! ($15.95) Buy Annie Howes pendant kit here.



A Sweet Innovation. Food lovers know honey can be a healthier alternative to sugar in your tea or coffee. Toss a few of these Honibe honeycomb-shaped drops into your teen's stocking. ($9.99) Buy Honibe pure honey cubes here.


Embrace Your Freckiliciousnesszoom

Yamodo! is a quirky game that lets kids work your mad doodling skills and create zany definitions for made-up words. A wonderful gift for the younger set and family activity for those holiday evenings. ($9.95-$14.95) Buy Yamodo! The creative drawing doodle game here.




Stuck On You. The TapeSwell decorative tape and mailing labels have wonderfully bold graphics and modern patterns. Crafty kids will love find new ways to frame their artwork, decorate containers, or use to create their own masterpieces. ($20) Buy TapeSwell decorative packing tape here.



Word Perfect. A clever and cool gift for your bike riders ... instead of a meaningless chain of numbers, they only need remember only one four-letter word. (Okay, maybe not that four-letter word! It could be as simple as “snap” or as easy as “abcd.”) with Wordlock. ($8.45 and up) Buy the Wordlock cable bike lock here.


  • Yep. Pretty much one-stop shopping. « Jules Pieri Says:

    [...] Stocking stuffers for kids and teens [...]

  • Drew Says:

    Like the slouch potatoes...think I'll suggest as a Grandma gift for my son (there's no link, but I can find it).

  • jeanneconnon Says:

    Hi Drew - Glad you like the <a href="//www.thegrommet.com/products/291-SlouchBack-College-Dorm-Furniture-Inflatable-Couch" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">SlouchBack</a> - great for teens and college kids. But it was actually meant for our <a href="//www.thegrommet.com/blog/2009/12/09/grommet-gift-guide-gifts-for-teens/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Teen Gift Guide</a>. It does fold up nice & compact, but fitting it into a stocking would be a stretch. We fixed the link and dropped it into its rightful home.

    If Grandma gives this to your son, we'd love you to stop back and let us know how it goes over!

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