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Grommet Partner Update: Project Repat

Last year we shared the story of Project Repat here on The Grommet. This company is on a mission to turn textile waste into fair-wage job opportunities in the U.S. Founders Ross Lohr and Nathan Rothstein are doing much more than just repurposing your old worn t-shirts.  If  you're not familiar with Project Repat, be sure to check out our video and the story here.

Although it's be a while since we last shared an update from Ross and Nathan, we stay in touch with our Partners and work with them long after their launch day. Launch day is just the kick-off to a great relationship and there are many great things ahead for Project Repat (including a new Kickstarter campaign we're eager to share with you).


Grommet: Nathan tell us, what's new with Project Repat?

Nathan: A lot has happened since our launch on The Grommet last June, when we received some of our first custom t-shirt blanket customers. At the time, we were part of a business accelerator program in San Francisco, and when the Grommet launched, I fielded customer service calls all day from a coffee shop in Oakland. Since then, we have sold over 10,000 custom t-shirt blankets, and created almost 20 jobs in the USA, and prevented over 150,000 t-shirts from getting dumped in landfills. In light of the recent tragedy in Bangladesh where over 800 garment workers were killed, it’s more important than ever to support more healthy textile manufacturing partners, and that’s why we teamed up with a new woman-owned manufacturing partner in Lawrence, MA to create more jobs with dignity. We look forward to the continued support from the generous  Grommet community!

 Thanks for the update Nathan!

We're very excited to help these guys spread the word about their  new Kickstarter campaign and help them meet their goal. They only have 27 more days  to raise a total of $15,000. What do you say Grommet community, can we help them get there? Please check out their campaign page and them clear out closets, preserve t-shirt memories, start a new business in Massachusetts, and repatriate textile jobs back to the United States.

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