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Grommet Partner Update: ReFleece

Last year we launched ReFleece here on The Grommet. We shared the story of Sam Palmer and Jennifer Feller who create products using a new kind of upcycled felt they call ReFleece. If you're not familiar with ReFleece, be sure to check out our video and the story here. Although it's be a while since we last shared an update from Sam and Jennifer, we stay in touch with our Partners and work with them long after their launch day. Launch day is just the kick-off to a great relationship and there are many great things ahead for ReFleece (including a new Kickstarter campaign we're eager to share with you).

ReFleece and The Grommet Above: Sam and Jennifer visit The Grommet HQ and catch up with Joanne.


Grommet: Jennifer, tell us what's new with ReFleece?

Jennifer: So much has been happening here! Polartec has come on board, sending us scraps that would otherwise have to be melted down, and Patagonia continues to send us clothing returned by customers through their Common Threads program. We've had some wonderful publicity, including a spread in Money Magazine, and Forbes Top Ten Accessories for Travelers list. We launched the iPad mini sleeve, and now, we are really excited to launch our Kickstarter Campaign. We are getting the word out about re-use by inspiring people to send in their old jackets, sweaters, baby blankets, or whatever is too worn out to wear, and have it turned into one of our beautiful new covers or accessories! In response to customer comments, we're also launching the 4square organizer, a desk-tray or art organizer, for those who don't need a new cover for their tech device but want to participate in the mission of re-using old stuff. And we've just decided to expand the campaign, adding WOOL to the list of materials we will take back for re-use (can't wait to see the moth-eaten sweaters that come our way!).


Thanks Jennifer for sharing the latest with us!

We're very excited to share the ReFleece Kickstarter campaign and help them meet their goal. They only have 20 more days  to raise a total of $25,000. What do you say Grommet community, can we help them get there? Please check out their campaign page and help spread the word. Let's see these new ReFleece products get their wings!

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