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Grommets go to the Superbowl!

Like most Americans, we were tuning into the big game last night. For the Grommet team, the biggest cheers and applause came not when the 49ers scored a touchdown or the Ravens took the game -- it was when we spotted two (yes TWO) Superbowl commercials from our Grommet partners.

From the Grommet screen, to their own Superbowl commercials -- we're so proud (just remember, you saw them here first friends!).

An early launch here at Grommet, Soda Stream -- blowin' it up!



And our friends Alex and Ani were launched on Grommet back in 2010 (see their launch video here) and last night proved they were hot as ever!


Did you catch these commercials? Which were your favorite commercials?

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