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Grommets in the Wild - Literally

Just a few weeks ago, I bumped into John Doherty at a street fair in my hometown  -- John's the artist behind one of my favorite Grommets, Fish Aye Trading, those gorgeous fish rubbing prints and placemats we discovered over a year ago. See, I'm an ocean person -- not at all at home on a lake or a river, don't even care much for pools. Give me a salty ocean, with all the creatures, rocks, sand, seaweed, boats, tides, and unpredictable winds, and I'm happy. Which is why I'm such a fan of John's work.


Last weekend, when my husband and son came back from a fishing trip with a pair of bluefish, I once again thought about John. It was kind of one of those art imitating life moments ... or maybe more like deja vu? Either way, it was pretty cool. See, John got his idea for making fish rubbings one day while fishing when he saw an imprint left in the boat from a fish he'd caught. And he grew up fishing with his grandfather just off Cape Cod -- so close to where we were.


Then I got to thinking about how great it is when we spot Grommets "in the wild" (like Jules did when she was in San Franscico) and how this was kind of an extreme case of just that.


Oh, and don't worry about those bluefish ... they weren't quite ready for the dinner table (never mind a canvas). For now, these guys are safe and happy back in the wild.

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