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Grommets on Shark Tank!

Many members of the Daily Grommet team would say that Shark Tank on ABC is one of their favorite shows. You may not know this, but several of our Grommets Partners were on the show and faced the sharks in the flesh! They were brave enough to go on national television and face some of the toughest investors out there in the name of their companies. We’re so proud they were able to become Grommets!

Our Discovery team tunes in weekly to see if there are any potential Grommets worth investigating. Haven’t seen the show? Here’s a quick run-down.  The one-hour reality show features a handful of hopeful entrepreneurs with a strong product or service. The founders pitch their company to a panel of 4-5 big name investors or “sharks” in return for a certain percentage equity.  The “sharks” ask questions, test the products and ultimately say, “I’m in” or “I’m out”.  It’s interesting, entertaining and most of all, inspiring! We love watching worthy products get the attention, and investment they deserve.


Wondering which of our beloved Grommets have also been on the show? Read below to find out and see how they fared with the sharks!












Urbio: Watch the video here!

What they asked for:

$300K for 12% stake in the company

What they got:

A deal with Lori Greiner for $300,000.00 and 20% of the business.


Duality NailPak










Duality NailPak

What they asked for:

$50,000.00 for 20%

What they got:

A deal with Lori Greiner for $50,000.00 for 40% of the business.













Vurtego: Watch the video here!

What they asked for:

$500,000  for a 20% stake

What they got:

No sharks bit with this one, yet they didn’t give up and has still found success! We were proud to launch them here on Daily Grommet.


Green Garmento










Green Garmento

What they asked for:

$300,000 for a 20% stake

What they got:

No bites, unfortunately. Yet Green Garmento is still working hard and doing well even without the sharks!


For those of you who watch the show, what has your favorite product pitched been? Grommet or not! 



  • Drew Says:


    I've seen a couple of segments of Shark Tank before, but coincidentally watched my first full episode last night. I think two items from last night would be make terrific Grommets: Drop Stop and Simply Sugar.

  • Amy Says:

    Hi Drew,

    Oh, thanks for keeping an eye out for us! I'm going to pass this on to Discovery right now so they can investigate. Isn't it a great show? I bet you're hooked now!

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