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Guest post: Helping your family be more eco friendly

As part of World Water Week, companies, including Daily Grommet, are partnering with UNICEF to call attention to the global water crisis by participating in the Tap Project. You can do your part by purchasing the Tap Water Bottle we're featuring today. And while we're on the topic of conserving water, we thought it was a perfect occasion to share some easy and practical ways in which you can help your family be a bit more eco-friendly.


Helping your family be more eco friendly

by Amy Turn-Sharp of Doobleh-vay

kids-hands-holding-plantBeing green and eco friendly is not just “what’s hot”- it is a necessity in today world. Have you been thinking about small green changes in your life for health, environmental, or financial reasons?

The greening of a family can start slowly with simple deliberate actions.

Here are some ideas for raising eco consciousness in your family:

*Make your own household items like detergents and cleaners. I made laundry detergent last year and have fallen in love with the economical and greener clean I get from the mix.

*I like to use vinegar for most of my cleaning. You can dilute it and add water and presto you have a perfect cleaner that is very inexpensive. Baking soda is perfect all-purpose scrub and won’t harm little ones. I love using natural products and I find that adding essential oils can give you a fresher scent and mood lift while cleaning.

*If you can give up a paper towel addiction turn to washable cloths and kitchen towels. I love micro fiber cloths! 

And make this the year that you make or invest in cloth napkins. It saves paper and it honestly makes a much nicer dinner experience. I do not find it a hassle to wash the cloth napkins as I pop them in with a load of towels.

*Teach your children well! Talk about recycling and head to a local landfill and recycling center for a field trip. Have a simple recycling center in your home and let even the youngest place items in the bins. Label bins with pictures and word and encourage your children to recycle each day. Try out backyard or kitchen composting. For a load of fun and science try vermacomposting! WORMS! (We do it and it is a blast!)

*Make crafts and art fun for your children from the recycling bin and pantry. Kids love to make crafts and a trip to the art store is not necessary when you can create loads of cool art from trash and things already in the home. Check out the Crafty Crow for amazing recycled art activities.

Make slime from simple ingredients!

And bigger steps to the green life too:

My car died about a year ago and instead of going in debt I started walking places. My family lives in a wonderful village near a large city and we are able to walk and use public transportation. It was difficult at first, but the last 12 months have been a wonderful gift. We walk in the sun and rain and snow and we shop more locally than ever and enjoy our time together without the distraction of the radio. It has slowed me down and made me think more abut how much useless trips here and there I would have been taking. My young sons are local townies now and we love popping into the local hardware shop for a lollipop or the local tavern for lunch on our way home from preschool. We have bonded with our town so much and relish each day here! I miss my car, but I like my life better now.

There are so many ways to make your family more eco friendly. The way to begin is to simply start. What will you do this year? What tips do you have for other families? Share in the comments and we can all learn something from each other!


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