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Haiti Relief Efforts from our Grommet Partners

As we all wonder what more we can do for the situation in Haiti, we wanted to highlight some of our Grommet partners who are making a difference:

UNICEF - looking after the children of Haiti

You might remember that we featured UNICEF and their Tap Project on Daily Grommet last year. You might also like to know that UNICEF is playing a vital role in providing fresh water and making sure that the children who have been orphaned are accounted for and being taken care of.

UNICEF's response to date has included:

  • Leading all Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) efforts. On January 19, 140 water trucks delivered enough water for 140,000 people.
  • Providing bottled water to two hospitals, two orphanages and a police station. 120,000 liters of bottled water delivered to a general hospital in Port-au-Prince on January 17.
  • Setting up three shelters to identify and register children separated from families or orphaned.
  • Working with seven child protection police brigades and deploying specialists to prevent trafficking at the border.

UNICEF for Children in Haiti

This picture shows a UNICEF aid worker talking to the children to help identify unaccompanied or traumatized children who have lost or been separated from their families due to the earthquake.

UNICEF in HaitiOn 16 January, workers set up a water bladder at the Sports Centre in the city of Carrefour, near Port-au-Prince. The bladder is one of 26 which UNICEF distributed, with a holding capacity of 5,000 to 10,000 liters. Water is provided by roaming water tankers, and the bladders are linked to pipes and taps available to the displaced.

100% of all donations to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF will go directly to support relief efforts in Haiti. The U.S. Fund for UNICEF is absorbing all administrative fees associated with processing donations.

Containers to Clinics - portable medical clinics to those in need

On Christmas Eve, we featured Containers to Clinics and met Elizabeth Sheehan who founded an international non profit aid foundation that recycles old shipping containers into portable health clinics.

Here's a note Elizabeth sent to us regarding their efforts in this crisis:

Health Clinics in Haiti"I am sure all of you have been following the catastrophe that is unfolding 90 miles from our shores. Since last Tuesday, C2C has been working (almost 24-7!) to deploy the container clinics to assist in the medical relief effort. For many of you that joined us at the ICA in November, it is easy to imagine the utility, versatility and functionality these clinics could have in a disaster situation of this sort. We will continue to pursue our mission to provide medical care to the most people vulnerable on earth and clearly, the Haitian in PAP fall in that category.

Our goal is to secure international partners who are involved in the relief effort, specifically the large agencies that provide medical supplies and pharmaceuticals along with agencies that are sending doctors, nurses and logistic support. We are extremely hopeful and about 80% confident that we will deploy the clinics. As you can imagine, deployment has NOT been easy. The ports are destroyed, the only airport is overwhelmed, petrol, security and basic food items are all scarce.

Historically, C2C has been so successful because of every one of you and as many of you know, C2C is all about the "little containers that could"."

Plastic Jungle - Turn your unwanted gift cards into aid for Haiti

We originally introduced you to Plastic Jungle's gift card exchange right after Christmas. Here's an excerpt from their blog about how they're helping to raise funds for the American Red Cross Santa Barbara's Haiti fund:

"If you happen to have unwanted gift cards perhaps tucked in a drawer somewhere, now might be a good time to dig them out. You can donate your cards to the relief efforts via the American Red Cross Santa Barbara County Chapter on their givezooks! campaign page. Plastic Jungle turns those gift cards into much needed funding for the American Red Cross International Response Fund, which provides immediate relief and long-term support through supplies, technical assistance and other support to help those in need. And, for every gift card donated in January, we will send the nonprofit an extra 5% contribution (so they will receive an extra 5% on top of the card’s cash-in value)."

Nutrabella Bellybar liquid and chewable prenatal vitamins.We've also heard from our partners at Bellybar (@bellybar on Twitter) that through January 31, 2010, they're donating 20% of all purchases on www.bellybarproducts.com to Red Cross Haiti relief efforts. Hope you'll help pass the word along!

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