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Halloween Giveaway (Costumes Optional)

Who says Halloween is just for kids? We'll admit, we are a little excited for Halloween. Who will top last year's office costumes? Who will bring in the best Halloween treats to share? We can hardly wait.

Untitled Julia, Rachel and Jen | Grommet Halloween 2012


We also can't wait to give away some of our favorite "treats" here at The Grommet. We won't make you wait until the month's end. In fact, we won't even require you to dress up (though if you do, be sure to post a pic because we want to see!).

These Grommets are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth this season. Take a look at some of our favorites:

Halloween Treats | Giveaway from The Grommet

Ticket Kitchen - This chocolate-on-a-stick is the ultimate hot chocolate experience. Perfect for those brisk fall evenings or lazy weekend mornings.

Fat Toad Caramel - This caramel is magical. Put it on apple slices, ice cream or just by the spoonful (yes, it's that good).

Nye's Cream Sandwiches - Like the classic ice cream sandwiches, only way better. The fall/winter flavors make it a no-brainer to enjoy this cold treat all year long.

Sweet Jules' Caramels - These artisinal caramels are dangerous. The new farm apple spice flavor is amazing. You'll see. They are great to share (though you probably won't want to).

Now that we have you drooling, we want to give you a chance to win these gourmet Grommets. 

This contest is now closed. Thank you all for entering and congrats to our winners: Laura, Robyne, Marsha and Ruth (you all have been notified via email about claiming your prizes). 

To enter:

Leave a comment and tell us which sweet treat you'd like to win and we will select four winners at random. Good luck and Happy Halloween!

General contest rules: To enter, you must be a U.S. resident and at least 18 years of age. You must leave a comment on this post. No purchase necessary. Winner will be randomly selected and notified via email. Employees, contractors, and the families of employees and contractors of The Grommet  are not eligible to enter. Void where prohibited. Contest will end October 20, 2013 at 11 pm PST.

Always left with a random bag of candy after the sugar coma has taken over your household? Why not create a Halloween Candy Cottage?





  • Scruffx Says:

    Nye's Cream Sandwiches for sure! How novel to enjoy these during winter.

  • Brenda Says:

    Ticket kitchen. I love hot chocolate. My mother-in-law used to tell me I would turn into a chocolate cow because I drank so much. Love it . Still do.

  • Mary Radicke Says:

    Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!! How to choose? Eeny, meeny, miney, moe...Nye's Cream Sandwiches it is!!! Hope I win!

  • Paula Says:

    Sweet Jules' caramels. Yay!

  • Sandra Says:

    I have to go with the Nye's Cream Sandwiches for the combination of creaminess and crunch, and all the yummy flavors.

  • Heather Says:

    I'd love the Fat Toad Caramel! Yum!

  • Tammy Says:

    What a hard choice. They all look so yummy! I would love to win the "Fat Toad Caramel."

  • Jan Says:

    I can just picture sharing Fat Toad Carmel sauces and a plate of apple slices with my grandchildren!!

  • Julie Says:

    Oh my gosh! Nye's ice cream sandwiches. You have cookie monster fun, family American business, hand crafted goodness in one lovely little package...what could be better?!

  • Amanda Says:

    I have had the Fat Toad caramel before and must admit it is DELICIOUS! I'd love to restock my fridge with this sweet treat!

  • Linda Says:

    Sweet Jules caramels would be my delicious obsession!

  • Di Says:

    Fat Toad Caramel!!! The name makes me chuckle and the caramel makes my mouth water!!!

  • Andy Flores Says:

    I would love to win it all but if I had to choose I would choose the test kitchen

  • Ruben Lerdo Says:

    Nyes cream sandwich looks yummy

  • Kathryn Says:

    It have to be Fat Toad Caramel. I live in an ice cream loving household. Who doesn't like caramel drizzled on their ice cream!?

  • Jennifer Says:

    Can I get all of them? Hard pressed, I'd have to choose Sweet Jules' Caramels - my husband doesn't like caramel so I wouldn't have to share!

  • Laurie Bishop Says:

    Caramel sauce, please. It looks amazing!!

  • Rachelle Says:

    Fat toad caramel

  • judy mcfarlane Says:

    I'm in for the ice cream sandwiches! They look delish

  • Mike Bonk Says:

    Making us choose -- horribly wicked...and so Hallowe'en. Every one is a winning choice. My wife loves goats, though (worked on a dairy form during High School) and so I will give the nod to Fat Toad Farm Caramel Sauce because she would appreciate that an extra bit.

  • Chris Says:

    I would love the Ticket Kitchen chocolate-on-a-stick.

    My kids just LOVE hot chocolate!!

  • Cheryl Says:

    can't get enough caramel-I would love to win Sweet Jules' Caramels!

  • Michelle Lane Says:

    I dream about caramel sauce... I must drizzle The Fat Toad sauce over my home-made apple pie...

  • Wendy Says:

    Sweet Jules' Caramels please

  • Jessi Says:

    Ok seriously, ANY of these would be amazing ;D

  • Alice Van Wye Says:

    I sure would love to have chocolate on a stick.

  • Joshua Says:

    I would love the cream sandwiches. You had me at creammmmmmmm..

  • Cindi Says:

    The description of the Sweet Jules' Caramels has me all a twitter... however, I believe the grandchildren would LOVE the Ticket Kitchen chocolate on a stick!

  • Ann Says:

    Definitely Ticket Kitchen.

  • Rachelle Says:

    I'd really like them all but I have to choose so I pick the fat toad caramel

  • Tama Says:

    What could be better than sitting in front of a fire and enjoying a cup of Ticket Kitchen hot chocolate? Unique and delicious!

  • Tim Delay Says:

    I would to win the Cream Sandwiches! Thanks!

  • Beth Says:

    The Fat Toad Caramel looks fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Lynn Says:

    Caramel is my favorite so I would really like to win the Fat Toad Caramel.

  • Pam Mckenna Says:

    Fat Toad caramel, that sounds delish!

  • Rossana Says:

    Sweet Jules' Caramels look divine to me!

  • Mary Says:

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!! I'd love to try Nye's!!

  • Andrew Doyle Says:

    Those Nye's sandwiches look amazing!

  • Nikki Says:

    Even with only four choices it's hard to choose just one! But I would have to pick the Fat Toad Caramel to win and try. Mmm

  • Carol Says:

    Oops--looks like I misread the above. I left a comment on the review page for the chocolate on a stick. But it also looks like you monitor the reviews, so sorry. I would love to win any of the above. If I had to pick, the caramel sauce or the caramel candy would be first choice and the chocolate on a stick the second. I love ice cream too, so it would be a win win situation no matter what.

    I really like your website and the products. I have purchased a few and have been happy with everything I have received. So, I can only imagine how good these must all be. I have not tried any food purchases yet.....keep up the good work.


  • Roy Says:

    Nye's Cream Sandwiches! Yummy!!!

  • Donna Says:

    To choose. To choose. What sublime torture. My kingdom for Nye's Cream Sandwiches. And I shall just have to order the rest. Happy Halloween, everyone!

  • Denise Says:

    I think I'd have to go with the Fat Toad Caramel! I can just see spooning it over my ice cream!

  • Donna Says:

    I have been participating in a sugar fast. The Sweet Jules' Carmel's get my vote. my mouth is watering as I write this!

  • Daphne Says:

    All look wonderful but I would choose Ticket Kitchen chocolates as my number one temptation.

  • annette Says:

    oh my goodness....I took a look at those Sweet Jule's caramels and thought I would faint but living north of most cities/towns or villages of the majority in the USA, I could not help but want to try the Ticket Kitchen on a cool autumn night with the family :)

  • Elaine Goold Says:

    Ticket Kitchen hot chocolate sticks. What a fun idea!!

  • Michael Badger Says:

    Fat Toad Caramel!

  • Linda Says:

    Everything looks so yummy! I would so enjoy winning, the Sweet Jules Caramels, please!

  • Jackie Swanson Says:

    Hands down the caramel sauce. It sounds wonderful!

  • BJ Moore Says:

    Sweet Jules' Caramels look scrumptious

  • Teri S. Says:

    They all look wonderful but seeing pretzels with caramels is making me crazy for Sweet Jules Caramels.

  • Linda Says:

    All look delicious! Would love the Sweet Jules Caramels!

  • Kim Says:

    My family and I would LOVE the ice cream sandwiches. Especially for Daddies bday on he 26th

  • Carolyn Says:

    Sweet Jules' Caramels

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