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HAPPY Documentary, what makes you happy?

What makes you happy, truly happy?  That seems like a simple question -- but perhaps the answer is not so obvious.  A couple of months ago, I was in Seattle for a short trip during which I had the pleasure of meeting one very talented and memorable film director, Roko Belic. At the time Roko was finishing up a new documentary that had been four years in the making. While listening to him share what the film was about -- I became completely intrigued. Perhaps it was the topic itself, perhaps it was the genuineness in which Roko described the film, either way I was hooked.

 The film, HAPPY, is a nonprofit feature documentary that takes us on a journey  in search of what really makes people happy. Combining powerful interviews with the leading scientists in happiness research and real life stories of ordinary and extraordinary people around the world, HAPPY uncovers the secrets behind our most valued emotion.

While speaking with Roko, he said something that really stuck  me. He pointed out that scientist and psychologist have spent years studying what makes people unhappy (depressed, sad, etc.) but pointed out that they aren't studying what makes people happy. What Roko said struck a cord with me, and apparently with many others. Here is a clip of Roko sharing how and why this film got started.

 HAPPY - How It All Began - interview with Director Roko Belic

And here is a sneak peek at the film itself.

HAPPY is not officially released until next year, but you can order a pre-release DVD here. You can also join the happiness moment on Facebook and Twitter.

The filmmakers say,

We hope that the film not only helps individuals find peace and contentment, but that their personal happiness will lead to a more generous, more aware and more compassionate world.

I think that is a compelling reason to consider watching this film and  to think about what true happiness really means.


  • Yvonne Says:

    The things that make me really happy are spending time with my husband doing ANYTHING... he is my best friend, and scratching the bellies of one of my three pooches. That's it. If that was all I had, I would be great, but I have so much more.

  • Danielle Says:

    Can't wait to see it, that looks awesome!

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