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Happy Grandparents Day!

Sara Pacelle, who loves grandparents (and Pop-pops and Oomas) the world over, wrote this post.

Happy Grandparents Day to all our beloved Grandmas, Pop-pops, Oomas, Nonnies, Papas…

They enrich our lives and our kids’ lives in so many ways.   But the best thing about grandparents is that they GET IT.  Been there.  Done that.  Bought the t-shirt.  Used the t-shirt to clean out the dog’s ears.   And talk about their PATIENCE!  Phew.

We think it’s awesome to have a special day to remember our parents’ parents.  Although we think every day should be Grandparents Day since they had to deal with our parents as teenagers!  All kidding aside, we love our Nonnas and recognize and appreciate all the untold sacrifices they make and the unconditional love and support they give us and our children. We Grommet-ers are also committed to introducing important products like the Vitality GlowCaps Medication Reminder System  to help busy people like grandparents take the best possible care of themselves.

Daily Grommet has a group on the fabulous Grandparents.com site.  We recently held a Let’s Talk Grommets contest, and some really creative Grommet suggestions came rolling in.    There are tons of Gran-preneurs out there rocking out with cool new product discoveries!  We had 2 winners:  one for a product invention and the other for a product introduction.

Our invention winner was Gambies,  a 100% cotton cover-up for baby that was created by a Grandma.  Gambies grows with the child to become a shirt during toddler years.   We love that versatility!


A precious "Gambies" model

Our product introduction winner was  sent in by a grandma who submitted the Discovery Toys Marbleworks.  It’s a tried and true imaginative building toy (we like that it’s unplugged and creative with a few physics lessons snuck in!)


A favorite toy: Marbleworks

Let’s give it up for our Grandparent.com winners! Grandparents.com also created a beautiful video card to celebrate grandparents on their special day-- it's truly beautiful (and get out those hankies, girls!).  Watch it here.

Finally, this post got me thinking about all the different names kids have for their grammies/grandies.  So, what do you or your kids call the grandparents in your life?  Grams, what names do your little angels call you?   Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.


  • Linda Says:

    I called my grandparents Grandfather and Grandmother. They were very proper and that's what they told us to them, so that's what we did! My kids call my parents Grandpa and Grandma and my husband's parents Nana and Papa. I think those names are cuter.

  • CommunityGal Says:

    Thanks to the team at Daily Grommet for a fun contest! The best part is telling the winners! Hope we hear back from them this week! Grandparents.com had a great Grandparents day. Our members loved the e-card (Sara left a link to it in her blog), and celebrated in lots of different ways; food, outings, and we even threw a virtual party in our Group called General Gabbery! Hope we can find lots more gran-preneurs out there! Nice blog Sara!

  • Sara Says:

    Hey Community Gal,
    Thanks for your comment.
    Keep doing what you're doing at Grandparents.com... cause its workin'!

  • Tamara Says:

    Hi! My children all call my parents Pops and Grammy. My oldest child was their first grandchild and my parents loved picking out their names and it was a HUGE decision for them! When they finally did decide on Pops and Grammy, they were so excited to tell my husband and I. We even had t-shirts made for them! They are the best grandparents and really go to great lengths to make our children feel so special. In fact, they bought the Tickatok book grommet for my daughter from this site. We love you, Pops and Grammy!

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