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Help these American Made Grommets!

AM_FinalistBadge-291x300Last year, two of our Grommet partners participated in the Martha Stewart's American Made contest, one even taking home the crowd favorite title! Martha and the editors of Martha Stewart Living magazine are once again searching for the rising stars in a new generation of American Made small-business owners.  This year, four more of our Grommet partners have their hats in the ring, Objects with a Purpose,  Cuppow, Nye's Cream Sandwiches and MakersKit.  The winner will be honored at the American Made event in New York City, will appear in Martha Stewart Living magazine, and will receive $10,000 to further his or her business.

Now THAT sounds like an opportunity for growth!

We know that each of these business are very deserving of this prize and we also know they would be thrilled if you took a moment to vote for them. You can vote for each one up to 6 times.














Vote for Ianthe and Objects With A Purpose here.














Vote for Josh & Aaron of Cuppow here.


Vote for Christian and Kelly of Nye's Cream Sandwiches here.


Vote for Mike and Jawn of MakersKit here.

Best of  luck to both of them! And we can't wait to explore all of the other "American Made" businesses as well!


  • Camryn Says:

    I really hate how people leave comments saying they won't buy because its not made in America for one product and on the next product complain about the price of it being made here. Ugh.

  • George Says:

    I applaud your American made products--the more the better.
    Today I saw the wrist band memory card and the I phone card holder, was going to buy for my Grandchildren until I noticed it was made in China. Sorry no sale.
    Please show more American made products.

  • BERNICE Says:

    love-love-love--thank you-senior 83 yrs young.

  • Sandra Says:

    Once the inventors are well established, then they can make their products in America. Remember these inventors (Grommets) are people like us and need our support. If you have better ideas then those n should be share.

  • maggie Says:

    why don;t you advertise the American made cookie sheet. i just purchase one and it is a little expensive but will last a lifetime .Maggie

  • Terri Says:

    It is wonderful the balance Grommet brings to the entrepreneurial spirit in encouraging American made articles while allowing for the necessity of exported manufacturing which allows the company to continue and hire more people including more Americans. Patriotic but not xenophobic. Cool.

  • DRS Says:

    Thanks for your innovative products, for helping out small business owners and for offering Made in the USA items ! Having items manufactured in the US is not always easy so I appreciate them when I find them.. I have told many folks about your site.......just not my sister. I have finally beaten her in our great 'gift giving competition.' Thank you !!!

  • Melody Says:

    Amen, George. I will not buy something made in China. If the place of production is missing, I will contact the seller. Now, we need to make sure that the components of a product are made in the U.S.A.

  • Michele Says:

    George, I agree with you up to a point, but I have seen MANY studies on American Made businesses that have folded due to their "at home" manufacturing costs. If everyone felt and acted the way you have The Grommet would probably have to go out of business. They are doing a wonderful job of finding QUALITY American Made products, but certainly can't change the WORLD over night. I know from my own experience as a jewelry maker how difficult it is to try and compete with "slave labor."

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