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Here's what we do with the "extras"

We receive a massive number of boxes and deliveries to our offices.   Most are a mix of solicited and unsolicited product samples.   In our tiny space they are a management job in and of themselves.  (See this photo from my personal blog. ) After our evaluation is over, samples either go into our archives, back to the creator, or donated to charity.

Here's one pickup of several boxes, destined to a local philanthropy.

It's satisfying to know that each sample, whether it becomes a Grommet or not, finds its way to a welcome home.


  • Night Owl Paper Goods Says:

    We heart this! Kudos on your generosity! I'm sure that the charities really enjoy and appreciate the nifty items they receive from y'owl!

  • Tori Says:

    Thank you for the kind comment. We like to think every Grommet finds a happy owner, even if if it is an unexpecting one ;).

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