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Hickies is Kickin' Off Their Newest Kickstarter Campaign

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We always say that when our Makers succeed, we succeed. This is an integral part of our mission so when one of our Makers hits a milestone, we shout it from the rooftops and when they need support, we shout that as well.

We couldn't be happier to see all the success that our Maker, Hickies has received over the past few years and they recently announced venture capital funding to grow their business even further. This is big news for them, but also for the consumer products industry as a whole since VC funding for those involved in the Maker Movement is less common. Hopefully this signals a shift in the industry and the interest of VC firms.

Today, Hickies is announcing more big news and this time they'll need the crowds support. They're introducing a new Kickstarter campaign to expand their business beyond their  no-tie shoelaces. As you can see from the video, The Grommet and Hickies stand behind many of the same principles. We are championing The Maker Movement, the advent of 3D printing, domestic manufacturing as well as providing any support for those who want to become involved. We're proud to support Hickies and hope you consider supporting them too.

If you'd like to support Hickies and this movement, please donate to their newest crowdfunding campaign. It will make a difference for them and our entire community of Makers.


  • Angela Says:

    love my no tie shoe laces. with arthritis little things like tying shoes are hard to do. decorations for shoes is a very clever idea, hope ya'll are very successful .

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