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Hold onto your hats - big doings here at Daily Grommet

It's just a matter of weeks now until we launch Daily Grommet 3.0 and we're all getting pretty excited. Of course, our development team takes their work very seriously, so it's not very fun around here at all.

In fact, we've been in full-fledged all-hands-on-deck mode for more than a month. The other morning, I came in to find I had new "roommate," Kate Bernhardt. She's here just about full-time now, kicking around in the back-end of our website and polishing up our Grommets (notice that thought-bubble by her head, by the way ... she like us! She really likes us!)

We've even invaded the hallways with road maps and print outs. Everyone's always jumping up to consult them and make sure we're on the right path. Just don't zoom in too close on this picture, or I'll get in trouble with Anthony for stealing his thunder and showing you our new site too soon (speaking of which ... did you catch Jules' preview of the Citizens' Gallery?).

And while we haven't chained the development and ops teams to their desks (yet), we are plying them with as much caffeine as we can get our hands on.

So the only question I have is "who the heck is this guy and why is he always looking over Anthony's shoulder?"

I'm just glad he's not sitting with me and Kate. He looks really bossy -- plus, there's no more room in here!

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