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Home is where the Grommets are

Daily Grommet HQ

Daily Grommet HQ

Some of you have seen where we work.  We call it our funky- old-Victorian-house office.  Sometimes we call it cozy.  Sometimes we call it cold (think 3 degrees outside with snow falling hard).   Sometimes we call it our world headquarters.  Sometimes we just call it dirty (you should see Joanne whip out the broom and go to town).

Sometimes we invite famous authors to sit on the back stoop to do interviews.  Sometimes our neighbors think we're wacky because we're trying out Grommets in the front yard.  Sometimes we cannot quite squeeze through our lobby/office/storage area because it's so full of UPS and Fed Ex deliveries of potential Grommets.

This door leads to all things Grommet

This door leads to all things Grommet

We do a lot of different things here,  but one thing is consistent:  when we step through this door, we each know we're working to build something we hope you'll love -- a revolutionary way to discover new products.

We have a big front porch at our office, and I think this speaks volumes about Daily Grommet.  We want you to feel welcome here.  Anytime.  So please climb on up to the porch and tell us what you think about  our Grommets.  Or share your ideas for a great new Grommet.  We mean it when we say we want to hear from you, including the good, the bad and the ugly.  And if the porch isn't convenient for you, feel free to shoot me an email ([email protected]), or leave a comment right here.   We can't wait to hear from you, and stay tuned for more great Grommets -- and more great stories -- from behind this door.


  • ryankelleher Says:

    Thanks Grommet for the free Luxe Purse Hook.

    I received one for free after being entered into your raffle. I gave it to my great friend Amanda and she loves it! Whenever her and I go to a pub she's always looking for a hook underneath the bar to hang her pocketbook. Not anymore.

    Thanks again!
    Ryan Kelleher

  • julespieri Says:

    You are very welcome Ryan. I thought you might think to keep it for an "easy" Mother's Day gift. :) But Amanda is very lucky to be the recipient, for sure.

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