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How do you "green" up your plate?

I've been trying to pick away at my environmental impact (and therefore improve my health) for a couple years and food has been one of the things I've tried to improve upon. Last summer I was all about eating locally and was a farmer's market fiend. In November I decided to become a "weekday" vegetarian. It was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be, so I'm still at it. This summer I am all too excited about it being farmers' market season again so I can combine my locavore and vegetarian efforts. I'm still a newbie at both, so I'm always looking for inspiration, advice, and recipes. I hit the jackpot with all three when I found Sprouted Kitchen.

Sprouted Kitchen is full of delicious recipes using local, seasonal, healthy ingredients. The recipes are all made and written about by Sara Forte, and beautifully photographed by her husband Hugh. Both of them shed light on the details of food and cooking that make it an artistic and delicious experience. They have killer content! Sara's voice is bright and personal, and she gives excellent tips and tricks along the way. She revels in the experience of cooking and eating together and her posts serve as a reminder to enjoy the simple goodness of food, friends, and family. Hugh's photography is more than just eye candy. He manages to get right into the nitty gritty of the process of creating the meal and produces clean, raw, gorgeous images. The blog is steeped in their love of each other and the projects they work on and the care shows. Every once in a while their personal lives make an appearance, but it's neither annoying or filler as it can sometimes be in the blogosphere (lovely photos of their wedding were posted, congratulations!). I can tell they're the kind of people I'd want to bring fresh eggs to when our chickens give us more than we can eat.

Strawberry, Leek & Goat Cheese Quesadilla. This recipe will definitely be on my list of things to cook when I make goat cheese!

 You can get the recipe here and try yourself.

I'm willing to bet there are some Daily Grommet fans that can share advice about becoming a vegetarian and working towards more eco-friendly eating habits. If that's you, I'd love to hear about what you do to green up your plate. Kudos to all of you that put in the effort, including Sarah and Hugh!


  • Christi Says:

    Soft tacos filled with roasted beets, arugula, cilantro, and a sauce of your choosing. We used a sweet, smoky yogurt sauce. You can add goat (or cow) cheese if your like. We skipped that part. Most important: the tacos have to be fresh and warm. This is a great summer snack to accompany delicious sangria.

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