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How does your garden go?

If you watch the Grommet videos very closely, you might occasionally spot the Lexington Farmers Market in the background - it's the perfect setting to shoot some video for stories like ChicoBags (creator of reusable produce bags). Every Tuesday, from early summer into the fall, dozens of farmers and artisans set up shop on our village green, just across the way from Daily Grommet headquarters. And last Tuesday, Donna, Daily Grommet's master of finance, headed over to meet Charlie, "the Boston Truck Farmer."

It turns out, the guys who produced the award-winning PBS documentary, "King Corn" had started a new movement last year by growing a garden right in the bed of their old Dodge truck and driving it around to urban farm sites. This year, there's a fleet of 25 trucks scattered across the country doing the same -- and Charlie, from Arlington, MA,  is the Boston truck farmer.

Charlie will be visiting 25 sites throughout the season, and we'll be watching for the next time he's back in our neighborhood so we can check in on his garden's progress.

lexington farmers market

I especially like how these guys describe what they're doing as a "mobile community farm" ... as well as a "public art and education project."

You can take a look at  www.truck-farm.com to see if there's a truck farm in your neighborhood and find out more about this cool project.

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