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How I Brighten My Home In The Summer

Don't miss today's Grommet, the ever-bright and friendly Say It with Vases from Jillable.  It's just the thing to complement Angella's passion for freshly cut flowers from the yard -- or that last-minute-purchase of flowers at the grocery store when you're heading to a friend's for dinner.  Enjoy! Barbara 

By Angella of Dutch Blitz

DaisyThe thought of "brightening" your home in the summer may sound a little ridiculous. Thanks to the sun and all of her (HOT)(And also, BRIGHT) rays, it is not as though we are wallowing in darkness right now. It is exactly the opposite. The rooster starts to crow at about five o'clock in the morning (Yes, we have chickens (and no, they were not my idea.)) The sky starts to brighten at that early hour and does not get dark until close to nine 0'clock in the evenin'.

While the actual daylight hours may be bright and HOTTER THAT ALL GETOUT, my home is often lacking in the "brightening" department. There are swim trunks/suits strewn about, half-eaten bags of "beach snacks" and random toys strewn about that the children are "too hot" to pick up and put away. Don't even get me started on the sand that comes back from the beach and is trailed throughout EVERY ROOM.

Even after we straighten up the gong show that is our party of five and sweep up the sand of epic proportions something seems to be missing.

This is when I pick up a pair of scissors and head outside to our garden. I wade through the blooms and pick those that seems to speak to me that day.

It is no secret that I love flowers. I may take a lot of photos of my kids, but the number of flower photos that I take comes in a (very) close second. Flowers are colorful, vibrant, alive, powerful. One single bloom can simultaneously take your breath away and make you inhale like you have never done so before.

Flowers live fully, shine brightly and encompass all that we are on a smaller scale. They may not live long but they live hard.

Kind of like we all do.

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