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How do you like your mushrooms? Let's share mushroom recipes!

Today we’re featuring Back to the Roots Ventures’ mushroom kits, and we’re feeling hungry! Sure, these kits look like a lot of fun for kids. But we adults are pretty excited about them, too! Oyster mushrooms are beautiful AND delicious. Since we're showing you how to grow mushrooms (with the help of Back to the Roots), we thought it'd be helpful if we also shared some mushroom recipes (more on that in a second!).

how to grow mushroomsJust when the founders of Back to the Roots, Alex and Nik, thought they were headed off to careers in consulting and investment banking, they came up with the idea to create kits that allow all of us to be farmers in our own kitchens. They took their oyster mushrooms to Slow Food International’s Vice President Alice Waters at Chez Panisse, and the rest is history. Nowadays, Alex and Nik are full-time farmers who have inspired us to garden in our own kitchens.

We did a bit of research to learn about how nutritious these mushrooms are:

•Oyster mushrooms are rich in vitamin C, niacin, folic acid, and potassium. They also contain most of the mineral salts required by our bodies.

•Along with eight different amino acids and some B vitamins, oyster mushrooms provide high amounts of protein as well as essential fatty acids and minerals. They’re also a good source of fiber.

•Oyster mushrooms have been used in the treatment and prevention of infections, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, hyperacidity, constipation, cancer, blood pressure, and hypertension.

You get at least two crops out of each mushroom kit from BTTR Ventures, so that’s at least two pounds of mushrooms! The best way to eat them is to remove them from your garden and cook with them immediately. However, if you need to store them, just place your untrimmed, unwashed mushrooms in a shallow dish. Then cover the dish lightly with a dampened paper towel and refrigerate it. Do not seal the mushrooms in plastic, and do not rinse or wash them until you’re ready to cook with them.

mushroom recipes Oyster mushrooms are delicious raw or cooked. To bring out their flavor, just sauté them with a bit of butter and some diced onions. We think they’re especially delicious in Asian dishes, risottos, and soups. They have a natural affinity for seafood, so try them with your next stir-fry with shrimp or fish.

You can check out some more mushroom recipes from others who are also farming their own food.

And, of course, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us about your favorite ways to eat mushrooms? Feel free to leave below (or link to) your favorite mushroom recipes. We'd love to hear it!


  • Cynthia Shern Says:

    [email protected]
    Either dry your own mushrooms, like I do, or buy dried mushrooms and grind them into a Powder (I have a tiny little coffee grinder which I use just for mushrooms). I keep a jar of dried mushrooms in the cabinet that can be added to any recipe....
    But my favorite recipe is home made egg noodles with a tablespoon of mushroom powder and plenty of cracked black pepper added to the dough before it is cut into noodles.

  • Tori Says:

    Thank you for sharing. I have never thought of grinding the mushrooms. The noodles you are describing sound delicious!

  • Melissa Says:

    Loved & shared this episode with the "fungis"! I am totally intrigued by all things DIY (not to mention anything endorsed by Alice Waters) so I can't wait to try this & review for Shoestring. My all-time favorite mushroom recipe (which my husband and I make weekly in the winter, going on about four years) is this Hungarian Mushroom Soup we found on AllRecipes.com (http://allrecipes.com//Recipe/hungarian-mushroom-soup/Detail.aspx) It's low cal and simple to make, but packs a super hearty kick with the dill, lemon and paprika. We substitute 0% Fage Greek yogurt for the sour cream to add a little more protein and make it a bit more nutritious. With a fresh boule of whole wheat sourdough from Savenors....divine. Enjoy!

  • Julia Says:

    @Cynthia, thanks for sharing that great idea to grind the mushrooms. Coffee grinders are good for so much more than just coffee, aren't they? I think a spoonful on scrambled eggs would be very tasty! Hope you have fun growing the pearl oyster mushrooms!

    @Melissa, wow! Thanks for sharing that recipe. I had a chance to visit a friend in Budapest back in 2007, and I had some beautiful "modern Hungarian" food at one particular restaurant downtown called Menza. The wines are quite good in Hungary as well. That really surprised me! Long live Tokaji... P.S. I'm with you on all things DIY. So much fun. You'll love growing these mushrooms!

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