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I "hear" a Grommet coming on

I pop by Joanne's desk a few times a day.  Sometimes I comment on a product sample.  If the product holds some promise, she usually gives me a quick run-down about it.  But it still may never become a Grommet.  One thing she does say, though, tells me I am probably hearing a Grommet coming on....

This is a nice company.

IMG_9996If Joanne had a good interaction on the phone with the company, and can see a sincere passion in the company's communications, that makes it a "nice" company for her.  And that puts it a lot further along the path to becoming a Grommet.  Joanne is virtually ego-less, but if she calls a company and they treat her poorly, she figures it's not worth the risk to expose Daily Grommet customers to them.  I agree.

Companies should think about this when they answer the phone.  You never know when it might be Joanne.

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