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I know someone in Florida!

We had a little struggle with the video on our site this weekend.  Mysteriously, the telegenic and articulate Liquid Metal designer Sergio Gutierrez was hard to pin down when it came to shooting it.

This sometimes happens.  When we hit a camera-shy Grommet founder we efficiently take on the bulk of the video and story telling ourselves, supplementing with photos or existing video footage from the Grommet creator.

But in this case,  Joanne was totally convinced that Miami-based Sergio HAD to tell his story.  She was sharing her struggle on this with Jeanne, and Jeanne had a typically “Jeanne” response:

I know someone in Florida!  My friend Christine Keene. She’s always game for an adventure. I bet she’ll go meet Sergio and get that video done.

So Jeanne called Christine, and outlined the (a bit extreme) assignment:

  • grab your Flip camera
  • drive an hour away to Sergio, and get him to do what he does so well
  • and send us the  video.

Christine grabbed the challenge with both hands, turned it around in a nanosecond, and we had a beautifully annotated set of “Send It” files in our hands.  No fuss no muss.  (And Sergio was kind enough to give Christine one of his beautiful bracelets as a thank you.)

I love that people like Christine can actively help us build this citizen commerce experience and that they seem to have a blast doing it.  Thanks Christine!

And….we are certainly happy to add other “Christines” to our geographic network.  If the idea of shooting some Grommet video catches your fancy, let me know.  I can promise you'll have a front seat on some really fascinating stories.  Jules @ dailygrommet . com


  • Debra Says:

    Great idea!! Great gift idea for those that need a little extra support!

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