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Incorporating passion into your fashion

The most addicting thing about fashion, or so it seems to me, is that one can identify with a piece of clothing or an accessory.  "That skirt is so me!" If it's not something to identify with, it's something to strive for. "I want to be the kind of person who carries a briefcase." I don't at all mean that all people who carry briefcases are the same, but you know what I mean, right?   Your clothes don't dictate who you are, but they can communicate something about you.  They are an outlet for personal expression.

One of the most telling things to find out about someone is what they care about, what they have passion for. It gets right down to their heart strings. Can you really express something so important in what you wear? Of course.

The humanitarian will buy fair trade fashion.  That means no sweatshops, no child labor, and the kind of payment that is deserved; buying fair trade ensures no one was taken advantage of. Another good choice for good neighbors is to buy from companies who make it a point to give back with every purchase. Need some more examples?  There are plenty in the Good Deeds section of Daily Grommet!

Fair Trade FashionAnimal lovers can sleep easy buying vegan and cruelty-free pieces. In addition to being void of animal products, it's a good idea to double check for no testing on animals either (think Keeki nail polishes). If the piece you're lusting after does have animal products in it (wool, for example) you can check in with the company to make sure they regulate whether the animals are being treated well.

eco friendly fashionMore and more options are becoming accessible for environmentalists. Buying pieces made from organic and renewable materials is important, and there are some great eco friendly fashion options.  (Naturally Knotty scarves are made from bamboo, a renewable resource that creates a beautiful, durable fabric which feels incredible.)  The downside to the increase in eco-friendly is an increase in greenwashing; check the certification! If you tried, you could be eco-conscious all the way down to your PACT Underwear (shown above).

Let's get to know each other a little bit better; what do you really care about? How do you incorporate that passion into your fashion?


  • Mary Draper Murray Says:

    I handcraft jewelry and I feel that my outfit is not complete unless I'm wearing one of my pieces. Each piece of jewelry has a story behind it and I feel empowered when I wear them.

  • Jo Ann Carter Dunning Says:

    I really enjoy recycling fashion. I love, love, love garage sales, estate sales and thrift shops. I don't buy junky clothes, but I do find one-of-a-kind stuff that is unique and looks great. It is a treasure hunt all the time. Vintage costume jewelry is my passion - not for the monetary value but because it is beautiful, well-made and you know no one else is wearing the same thing. And it's cheap - I rarely spend more than a few dollars on a piece. I incorporate vintage with modern pieces so I don't look costumey. I am disgusted by the price and terrible quality of new clothing and disturbed that most of it seems to be produced in China, probably in a sweatshop. I enjoy dressing everyday even though I'm a full-time mom and could easily wear just jeans and a top all the time. I respect myself so I try to represent how I feel by making a little effort to look good. I'm also teaching my children thrift, recycling, individuality and respect for one's appearance.

  • Danielle Says:

    @Mary... Isn't it great to wear a great accessory that you love and made yourself? I feel the same way when I crochet a piece I'm really happy with! I'd love to see your jewelry. I there somewhere I can see it online? Post a pic on our Facebook wall! http://www.facebook.com/dailygrommet

    @Jo Ann... You know what they say; the greenest stuff is the stuff you already own... or someone else already owned! What a great attitude to have, passing on your conscious fashion sense to your kids! We love strong mamas at Daily Grommet. It would be great to see some of your ensembles on our Facebook wall, too!

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