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Inside story about how I found a terrific Grommet

I asked Jen Lockwood of our Discovery team to tell me how she found the RailRiders shirt.  Here is the story:

Intrepid Jen Lockwood, core member of the Grommet DIscovery Team

Intrepid Jen Lockwood, core member of the Grommet DIscovery Team

Grommet finds come to me in so many ways.  The story behind the RailRiders Sun and Bug Shirt is really a story about being in the right place at the right time.

At my boys's school, I am on the 5th Grade Pool Party Committee with about six other moms and we had our planning meeting back in April. Well it just so happened that Pam Lacey of RailRiders is on the committee with me.  After the meeting we were all catching up on what we did for school break and Pam started to tell another committee member about these incredible shirts that would be perfect for kayaking in Costa Rica.  Well, I was just standing by soaking in the conversation because (a) I am dying to go to Costa Rica (b) I like gear that makes life easier for outdoor adventures.  After the meeting on my way over the hill to Daily Grommet I had my AHA moment.  Where does Pam work?  What are these great UPF/Insect Repellent shirts?  Could this be a Grommet?

That very day I contacted Pam and we had a sample by the weekend.  It was that easy-- two companies compassionate about what they do collided.

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