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Integrated Tech, Wrap it Up!

We're kicking off the week with another dose of integrated tech. We already told you about the Grommets launched last week integrating technology into your daily lives (Missed it? Check them out here). Now let’s take a look through The Grommet archives to see what other tech treasures are gift-ready for the holiday season.

shavetechhero2For the traveler looking to simplify their suitcase comes ShaveTech, the USB charging razor. Instead of searching for the elusive outlet or cramming a power adapter into your bag, grab the ShaveTech. It’s no larger than a smartphone and makes shaving at the gym, work, or even mid-flight easy. Maybe don’t use it during turbulence though.


speecupWant to kick your daily commute up a notch? Of course you do. Enter the speeCup, the Bluetooth speaker that fits in any standard cup holder. Listen to music or take calls while keeping eyes on the road by telling the speaker what to do or with a wave of your hand. It’s perfect for turning up the volume mid-air guitar solo in bumper-to-bumper traffic or anywhere else you want to take this portable concert creator.



icedotAs temperatures and snow fall, skiers and snowboarders will be hitting the slopes and amazingly, bikers will still hit the road. Unfortunately, you may hit something else like a rock, tree, or maybe your head. With ICEdot, rest assured, help is on the way. Connect ICEdot to your helmet and in the event of a crash, the device will sense the impact through its app, text up to 10 emergency contacts, and release your location via GPS. The compatible wristband contains a unique ID that relays vital medical info to first responders.

We said it before, and we’ll say it again: the world is changing. Technology is finding its way into every aspect of our lives and as the Ericsson trend predictor proves, that is just the way we want it. At The Grommet, we strive to discover products with strong stories and special purposes that advance this trend and bit-by-bit improve the daily facets of your life.


Wondering how a Grommet fits into your life? We’ve got you covered by featuring videos demonstrating how the products work. It’s our way of ensuring you’re understanding what you’re buying or, at the very least, entertaining you with tiny robots dancing around.  Browse more unique gifts here.

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