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Interesting oddities found at the NYIGF

It's funny what catches my eye at big shows like the New York International Gift Fair (or NYIGF). I am usually pressed for time and have a jammed pack schedule.  This year was no different.  As I walked the aisles I found some fun products that put a smile on my face.

This is Areaware's newest color "Bank in the Form of a Pig" in metallic blue.  The designer is Harry Allen.  The pig is made out of Resin and Marble.  The cast is from a pig that died of natural causes(gross).  The bank holds up to  $10,000 in dollar bills. That is what I call a great rainy day account.

 Working Class Studio was showcasing a new vase design by Corey Green, a Senior at SCAD. If you look closely you will see that the stand is laser cut acrylic and the actual vase is a colorful balloon.  Working Class Studios is working with Corey to bring this product to market.  This is definitely on my watch list.

These show stopping bowls are made in Australia.  Marc Harrison got his inspiration for these bowls from the the Macadamia Nut shell.  They are made of recycled macadamia shells and polymer.   Color is the word.

 Look closely, yes this is a retainer necklace.  Areaware got me on this one.  The designer is Kiel Mead who finds beauty in the mundane.  We polled our Facebook community to see if they would wear this and we got an overwhelming response of NO. Although this piece brought back bad memories for most,  I love this piece for the pure (straight) smile it put on my face.

These are just a few of the cool products I got to see.  My head is still swirling with ideas and stories that I hope we get to share with all of you.


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