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Interview with Jules (founder of Daily Grommet)

Some of the Daily Grommet team.   BTW, our extended team is mainly men, but this is the group that shows up in our offices daily.

I had a very long sit-down with the journalist Wade Roush of Xconomy last month.   Here's the interview, just published today. I have to admit, the longer I talk, the more nervous I get about an interview...but Wade did his usual good job of "getting it right."

I am just a little chagrined at the very last bit where it sounds like I want to rule the world, but other than that....


  • andreea Says:

    great interview! i loved reading about how you got started and the idea behind daily grommet. and i love the products you find :)

  • julespieri Says:

    Thanks for the kind words Andreea.

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