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Introducing: Roary

Hey everyone,

I wanted to introduce you to our newest Grommet team member -- Roary. I'll let him take it from here...

Roary The Daily Grommet Fish

Been workin on this lovely coat for awhile now.

I'm Roary and I've signed onto the E-commerce world as the Grommet Fish.

While PetSmart was a pretty cool gig, it was time to move on to bigger, more innovative territory in my career. Enter Grommet: a place where I can immerse myself in creative new products and perfect my art of storytelling. I'm hoping they can really push me out into the deep end where I can get swimming.

My first grommet is coming up this week - so stay tuned to see if I can fight my way through this awesome new space.

To see what a sweet place I got and my thoughts on my first day, you can follow me on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/RoaryTheBeta

And, if you know of a cool pet product we should know about -- give me a shout! I may be of the water variety, but I also like to find cool stuff for my land friends.


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