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Solving problems, an inventor spotlight

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Chances are you've heard this famous quote from Irish Poet, George Farquhar. For folks like David Paquette, Kendra Kroll , and Sarah Calhoun, however, it's more than a saying -- it's how they launched a business.

On a warm spring day, Boston Marathon runner, David Paquette, crossed the finish line in dire need of hydration. An IV got him back up and running, but it also got him thinking. After a night on the town, he began thinking even more about the importance of hydration. His goal: To find a tastier way to get hydrated than sipping water or sugary sports drinks. But could a dentist invent a better sports drink? He did, and he brought Biba to market.

David says:

“After researching all of the best all-natural vitamins and electrolytes, we added a slight amount of bubbles and lime flavor to make Biba, (from the Latin word Bibo, to drink). No preservatives, no caffeine, no crazy chemicals. Just smart healthy ingredients designed for smart healthy people.  The next few years were spent tasting and testing Biba concoctions with my friends and family until we found the perfect blend. I put together a team of incredible people to help start the business and we were off to save the world from dehydration!”

Kendra Kroll was also inspired to find a solution to her problem. She needed pockets while wearing workout clothes at the gym.

Kendra explains,

"One day I was at the gym working out on the weight bench when I (unknowingly) dropped my spare tampon on the gym floor. It has rolled across the floor (that was filled with men) and I had no clue. Horrified, I finally saw it and picked it up, all embarrassed and decided it wasn't going to happen to me again.

That day, I went home, designed PortaPocket and founded the company. It's been a long arduous road, but I am always gratified when I see people that this helps, and for so much beyond feminine hygiene. Until all women's clothing has pockets, this will be a handy problem-solver. And who doesn't have a cell phone? Some high schools are banning purses, and all those gals in their graduation, prom, bridesmaid or wedding gown no longer have to expend mental energy about where their important things are at any given time."

Sarah Calhoun's inspiration for invention  had been building since she was just 4 years old. Now, the owner of Red Ants Pants, this active, hard working girl had the same problem- day after day, year after year-- she could not find strong enough work pants that actually fit her. After years of ill-fitting work pants, Sarah thought:

"There really are no work pants for women. This is no longer funny!" and purchased the book, How to Start a Business. By chance she was reading this book in a coffee shop when she serendipitously met a man who had 20 years design and business experience and as the rhyme goes;  "With contacts and advice, Sarah was well on her way. And Red Ants Pants was born, that very same day."

These three inventors are just a glimpse at so many that follow their instinct, look outside of the box and follow through with their visions. As Thomas Jefferson once wisely put it,

"Where a new invention promises to be useful, it ought to be tried."

Visit Biba, PortaPocket, and Red Ants Pants if you'd like to learn more about these products and their skillful creators.


  • Kendra Kroll Says:

    Thanks for including me in your piece today, Tori! Much appreciated... :)

  • Tori Says:

    My pleasure Kendra! Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  • Ethan Says:

    I LOVE Biba! Got a chance to sample some recently at a golf club and was instantly sold. I could not wait for it to be carried at a store near me so I went the the website and bought 2 cases- awesome! My girlfriend and I (both active and athletic) are fighting over the last few cans.

  • David Paquette Says:

    Thanks you so much for our article! Daily Grommet gets better everyday!

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