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It’s a Major Award

Getting recognized within your company for a job well done can be a highlight of any career. You frame your certificate, make room for it on the wall behind your desk, and feel content in a job well done. But when your award takes the form of a lamp in the shape of a leg with a little blood on the knee, you know that the company you are working for has a slightly different definition of a job well done.

The award I received was the bloody knee award. It epitomizes the entrepreneur’s mantra that being successful is just a matter of standing up more times than you fall down.  Jules Pieri, one of our co-founders, exemplifies this spirit in how she has helped navigate Daily Grommet through many bumps in the road over the past years and literally conceived this award after she fell on stage before accepting a Tech Luminary award from Mass High Tech. Instead of withering from embarrassment, she turned her experience into inspiration. (See video here)

The culture at Daily Grommet is one where making mistakes is a given. You’ll be more in trouble for not making mistakes, not taking risks, not biting off more than you can chew. I love this award. It’s indescribably beautiful.


  • john grosse Says:

    My sister & I love that movie& Lamp. Is there any Leg lamps around to buy. I did buy a night light for my sister. JOHN GROSSE

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