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Jeweler and Artisan: Meg Galligan

Meg Galligan, jeweler and founder of Margaret Elizabeth jewelryRight around the new year, I read an article in the Boston Herald about Meg Galligan -- a 25-year-year old local jewelry designer who also happens to work for Google and had just decided to move to California.  The unusual blend of technology and art, along with Meg's spirit of adventure and creativity, captured my attention, so I invited her to talk to us about her artisan  jewelry business, Margaret Elizabeth. Just back from the Gem and Mineral show in Tuscon, AZ, Meg was happy to tell us more about her inspiration and design process.

Your jewelry is so beautiful, Meg. How do you find what's special and which pieces you want to work with?
The stones are the most special part of the jewelry I design. I'm attracted to color and texture- stones that create a pop of color or reflect light in unexpected ways. While my designs change from season to season, my goal is to consistently create pieces that can be worn with both a cocktail dress and a t-shirt and jeans.

From a design perspective, what matters to you ... how do you make your selections?

When I started making jewelry in college, I made pieces that my friends and I wanted to wear or thought were interesting. I've tried to approach my designs with this same mindset: If my friends and I want to wear it, hopefully other women will too. Above all, the thing that matters to me most is that people like my designs and are happy when they wear them. Smiles when wearing Margaret Elizabeth are highly encouraged :)

Meg Galligan, jeweler and founder of Margaret Elizabeth jewelry.

What inspires you ?
I feel really fortunate to be able to work in technology at Google/YouTube, while also having a creative outlet designing and making jewelry. I find that I get some inspiration in the online world- I follow many design blogs (interior design, fashion, architectual design), and I'm constantly in awe of the creativity that's out there!  But I'm also inspired by the colors and lines of nature and the things I see just simply walking around. One of the best feelings is to spot a neat shape or structure and think to myself, "How can I make a necklace like that?"

Meg Galligan founder of Margaret Elizabeth jewelry

What's new & exciting at Margaret Elizabeth?

As you know, I just returned from Tucson, AZ, where I go to buy stones and source materials. It's always exciting to see what's new. The experience is really inspiring and over the past few years I have met some truly amazing people. I came across some beautiful new finds-- super sparkly Chinese crystals, amazingly faceted smokey quartz stones, and gorgeous freshwater pearls.  I'm so excited to start designing!

Thank you, Daily Grommet & friends for inviting me to be part of your blog - here's a picture from my trip.

Thank you for sharing your art with us, Meg, and best of luck with your Margaret Elizabeth!

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