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Keep it Clean and Kempt for Movember

As costumes are stashed in closets never to be used again, thousands of men nationwide look in the mirror at the result of their Octobeard experiment and debate whether to partake in the next facial hair festivity: Movember. For the month of November, men are encouraged to grow out a moustache. Guys, do it. To make the process as smooth as possible, here are some Grommets to lend a hand.



The end of Octobeard is marked by electric razors harmoniously starting in bathrooms nationwide. Maybe you’re wiping the slate clean or maybe you’re getting rid of everything except a moustache to celebrate Movember. If it’s the latter excellent choice! But for either, make sure you have BeardMat. This polyester sheet hangs over your sink to catch every falling facial follicle and keep your counter as kempt as your face. Shop Now



Ever missed a spot shaving? Remember how embarrassing it was? Of course you do. Good news, that doesn’t have to happen ever again. Thanks to ShaveTech, you can have a portable, USB-chargeable grooming guardian with you at all times. No matter if you are at the office, the airport, or in gridlock traffic, you can shave that weird patch near your ear. No not that one! That’s your sideburn—oh no. It’s fine. No one will notice. Shop Now


Whisker Dam

It’s November so I assume you have a moustache and are pretty cold. (If you’re in a place that isn’t very cold, stop bragging.) There is arguably no better product for a chilly mustached man than Whisker Dam. Made of 100% copper and coated with a non-toxic barrier, Whisker Dam fits over your mug (or glass) and keeps your moustache dry as you drink.  Shop Now



While missing a spot shaving is pretty bad, it is NOTHING compared to a bad hair day. Sometimes it isn’t your fault. Mother Nature can be a cruel mistress when it comes to follicle follies. Wind, rain, and snow can have you looking for the closest object to protect your hair from the elements. Have that object be Go-Comb. It easily fits in your wallet and if your hair doesn’t look like you fought a wild animal before walking into work, everyone can focus on your awesome stache. Win-win! Shop Now


Dude Wipes

Simply existing in the world can be a messy experience. Throughout the day we are interacting with all kinds of things and when late afternoon hits, our skin could use a refresher. It doesn’t matter how good your moustache is, it won’t distract from a greasy mug. Dude Wipes are the first wet wipes designed specifically for men. With a natural scent and ingredients like Aloe and Vitamin E, you can give your face a lift when it needs it, after a shave or on the go.  Shop Now


Duke Cannon

Do you consider yourself manly? If you answered ‘yes,’ I assume you use Duke Cannon soap.  There is also no better way to wash your freshly shaved face, or your entire body, than with these all-natural, GI-inspired soaps with steel cut grains. They even have a shaving cream so you can give your face the full Duke Cannon experience. Shop Now



Napa Soap Company

This shaving cream looks as good as it feels. Napa Soap Company’s handmade shaving soaps are made from all-natural ingredients that sound like a dessert. Grapeseed oil, wine, honey, aloe vera, and french clay combine for a soothing shave and a smooth and nourished feel afterward. The set comes with an old school barbershop brush and enough shaving cream to last you until next Movember.  Shop Now


Pacific Shaving Company

Pacific Shaving Company put ‘shaving’ in their name because they know what they are doing. They offer the full gauntlet: pre-shave exfoliating wash, all-natural shaving cream, daily moisturizer, shaving oil to help reduce nicks and razor burn, a nick stick for healing nicks and cuts if they do happen, and even blade oil to protect your blades from wear. They thought of pretty much everything.  Shop Now

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